Leaving for Parris soon!!!
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    Talking Leaving for Parris soon!!!

    I just registered to this site and i was just wanting to say hi to all Pool(ees) and all true marines....i will soon be one of yall. I leave for Paris Island June 9th. I will be in 1st battallion Charlie Company. Anyone else leaving on that day? My name is Robert Richards.Give a shout to me if u hear of me and u end up with me. I have already got the rank of Pfc since i have been recruiting my friends into the Corp. I hope to see some of you guys at bootcamp. Let me know if yall are going that day also.

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    You have not claimed the title therefore you do not have the rank of PFC! Maybe late August not until then!

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    tru....very tru....i cant claim any title until September 6th....and i am looking forward to that day. To actually be able to call yourself a Marine. I cant wait. All the other POOL(ees) where i live are nervous. For some odd reason I am not scared of leaving. I am looking forward to thge change and being able to call myself a United STates Marine.

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    Until you have earned the Title please change your profile. You're not a PFC yet. That PFC you "have" is really just a guarantee that on graduate day you'll be a PFC. From the moment you sign the papers you're a POOL-ee, and there's nothing wrong with that. Be proud of being a POOL-ee. Once you hit those yellow footprints you'll be a recruit. Try calling yourself PFC there! While I haven't been there or done that, I can practically guarantee you that giving yourself the title of PFC before graduation from boot will cause you some serious problems. Assuming you make it through bootcamp you'll graduate a Marine. Not until then.

    Being a wannabe myself I'm only trying to lookout for a fellow future Marine. Go to your profile and change your status to POOL-ee.

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    Some people may be nervous because they might not be confident in their decision. You seem to have the confidence and this will carry you far. Remeber even when times get tough never give up.
    It was the best decision of my life becoming a Marine, the principles and values still guide me today after 10+ years of discharge.

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    Dude I agree with devil pup. You might be a pfc, might be a pfc. You are not yet a Marine, and don't deserve to have anything but a poolee thing. You are lucky Wrbones hasn't seen that yet. Just from one poolee to another

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    Well, rabid, here's something from one of our former POOL-ees


    hello all devils,
    I am Pfc Hancock,
    to start ill tell about my self, i attended bootcamp in san deigo,
    went through SOI and currently going through Security Force Training and i was one of those little punks back in the day that was giving everyone on here hell about getting a insign for "poolee".....well, i am a Marine now and as much as i said i wouldnt, i agree with the marines of that time, we didnt deserve sh*t. I dont know everyones point of veiw on it now nor am i trying to bring it back up but i understand their points now and feel we "the poolees at that time" were out of place....


    Here's another:


    Here's more:


    Lots of stuff like that in the POOL-ee Hall and Marine Mentor forums.

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    Damn. Matt and Jess are tryin' to take all of my fun away from me!

    Rabid, ya didn't give us much time. I appreciate yer choice of the Marine Corps, BUT if you want to show a little respect, remove the PFC stripe from yer profile immediately. The smart thing to do would be to post an apology as well. You've been warned.

    There's an 11% fall out rate in recruit training and that's being conservative. Hell yer not even a shower shoe yet! You don't rate a thing til ya hear that final dismissed in recruit training.

    Read and study the package yer recruiter gave ya. It's too late to work on yer IST. In two weeks we can't help ya a helluva lot.

    I will tell ya that the POOL-ees and DEPers we've dealt with in the past have done very well in recruit training. They listened and did what we told them. While I appreciate and well understand yer enthusiasm, there are a few POOL-ees and DEPers around the site you might want to listen to as well. They well know the drill, and should do better than most when they hit those yellow foot prints.

    If ya think these words are tough, wait til ya meet yer new Mom, Dad and girlfriend on the 6th of June!

    03infantry sounded a bit like you when he first got here. Now, in a few months, I'd let him watch my back anytime. I'm pretty sure he's gonna make it. But that's because he listened and did what was necessary to learn all that he could after I jumped on him fer somethin' very similar a few months ago.

    Read as much as you can in the POOL-e Hall and Marine Mentor forums over the next two weeks. Ya might have an idea of what's coming if ya do that.

    When ya get that Eagle Globe and Anchor, you'll come back here and tell us all about it and we'll all trade boot camp stories and brag on yer PFC stripe. You'll be a part of the greatest fraternity imaginable, then, and we'll welcome ya home. If you'd a gotten here a few months ago, ya mighta had a chance at L/Cpl outa boot. We know what we're doin' and we want ya to succeed, but ya gotta listen and show a little respect.

    Enough said.


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    Originally posted by wrbones

    If you'd a gotten here a few months ago, ya mighta had a chance at L/Cpl outa boot.
    How would a poolee go about doing that? I'm just curious.


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    If a person is going to be a PFC when they ship to boot, they have a chance to leave as a LCpl. The only way I know of it happening is when a recruit is named as the Company Honor Man. This carries an automatic promotion... so if you were a PFC, you are now a LCPL.

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