Toys for Tots 2008
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    Toys for Tots 2008

    Getting close to the start of the 2008 TFT campaign! Try to find a way to get involved this year... there's a lot of kids out there who won't be seeing Santa unless we roll up our sleeves.

    Know y'all will!

    Thanks from a former beneficiary!

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    Marine Toys for Tots Foundation
    18251 Quantico Gateway Drive
    Triangle, VA 22172

    There is the address for the National Office. I send a check each month - it isn't hard to do at all.

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    Belong to the Marine Corps League,Ride one year and Pick up the next year.Semper Fi

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    Rajah that, both!

    I also take some fancy ropework to the local T F T and sell it with proceeds to the Corps. Usually does quite well.

    (Before boot camp, there was Mom! [And Mom was TOUGHER!])

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