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    Wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That would have been Plt 369. The best Plt ever on Parris Island.

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    served from 82-85 did boot in P.I.

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    2084, oct 20 2006.
    my kill hat is now a WO in my last unit.

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    hey bootlace that would be PLATOON 370 was the best

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    1st RTBN, MCRD, PARRIS IS. PLT. 1056 870516 - 870811 Very hot and the Sand FLEAS were bad..... Remember them checking the water under the slide for life for gators.. Now they have a fence around it.. lol

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    13 SEPT 1971 -15 NOV 1971 Second Battalion Platoon 286

    Old P-I Marine

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    Marine Free Member rufus1's Avatar
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    Jun 2009
    Morganton, N.C.
    I have had a join request for some time now but it has not put PI Marines on my group list yet? Parris Island 1970, Platoon 272 (S/Sgt Farley),2 nd. Battalion

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    Glad to hear from another P-I Marine from the old days Who says you can not use the skills they gave us spent 15 years as a Swat trained Cop got my back busted up did 17 With DOD writing web pages before the heart went.

    The difficult we do immediately the impossible just takes longer
    Improvise, Adapt and Overcome
    Semper Fi

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    3rd BN. M Co Plt 3006 Oct 2007 to Jan 2008. Just got orders H & S BN regional contracting office Parris Island as part of my reenlistment

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marine3451 View Post
    3rd BN. M Co Plt 3006 Oct 2007 to Jan 2008. Just got orders H & S BN regional contracting office Parris Island as part of my reenlistment
    Have fun! Its always been better going back there as a Marine than a boot in training! I asked for the Island as my duty station of choice for my first re-enlistment in 2001. Was there till June 2004. Was the best 3 years I spent in the Corps!

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    Shadow Box for the old man

    Good Morning Devil Dogs

    My name is James and while i have never been privileged enough to earn the title, Marine, I have an undying respect an admiration for Uncle Sam's Misguided Children. That is how my father affectionately refers to his branch of service. I went a different route because of my age at the time of enlistment. I am getting ready to leave Uncle Sam's Confused Group after 6 years of active duty service. This however is not about me. My father is the man i most admire and i know a large part of the reason why and what he attributes his success and mentality to, is the Corps. I am simply trying to find out where i can get his service information without him knwoing so that i can present him with a shadow box. He never recieved one and knowing how he feels about the Marines, i can't let that stand. He means more to me than i can possibly express. If there is any information or direction anyone can provide so that i can give this Marine the honor he deserves, i would be most appreciative. That said, Thank you all for serving and God Bless

    Semper Fi

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    Just joined the site yesterday 08/ hope that I am
    doing this the right way on joining the "Parris Island Mainres"
    graduated March 1959, plt 1021, D Co, 1st Bn

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    I still say PLT 1085 1986 was the best!!!!!!!

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    Parris Island Marines

    Plt 369 in 1970 was the most decorated Plt in the history of Parris Island at that time.

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    Joined the yellow foot prints Nov 1 1978. Injured before range. MRP. PLT 1092. Retreaded after refusing med discharge. "If I only knew before that decision".
    Missed my Blues twice by one point. Graduated Feb 13, 1979.PLT 1096

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