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    Hey thanks Mike,,,How 'bout that ,I get a ribbon for the fire watch too......

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    i am not a moderator i am just like you a lost peon looking for the light
    we handle every stressful situation like a dog if you can't eat it or hump it then **** on it and walk away

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    I'm here in Parris Island at 4th Bat. in the Basic Marine Platoon. It's very boring here, considering my internet card gets no reception in my barracks, we basically look at this all day.. .. and some other stuff. I have about 7 weeks until I am able to go to MCT because I stress fractured my foot during the crucible, while I was duck walking the entire 5mile night hike...Yet some faggot chickened out because he was "tired" and got droped back 5+ weeks, and he even signed up as infantry.

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    I am a Marine actually...How else would I know this? I messaged a moderator to change my disgusting pollee title to a Marine one, but that hasn't happened yet.

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    Well, Monk. Congrats, and heel the hell up, Marine.

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    Thumbs up i was there

    live in god's promise land for 13 weeks as a boot. semper fi P.I.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marine1955 View Post
    live in god's promise land for 13 weeks as a boot. semper fi P.I.
    Hey Bill,welcome aboard,glad to have you here.
    It's great haveing another PI Marine amongst the rest of the ELITE.
    Hey Bill why not join us,THE FINEST FIGHTING FORCE ON THE FACE GOD'S EARTH....."The Parris Island Marines",a great Social Group.
    Simply go to where it says (my info)towards the top of this page and click on,you'll come to a page called My Info.On the left side is a list of items,scroll down and you'll find SOCIAL GROUPS,click on and take your pick.

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    you must be sending me the wrong mail my name is joe not bill
    i am not the best but i haven't found anybody better yet

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    Went in on Oct 1969,loved all the sand,the sand fleas only ate a little of me.the saw dust hill was a trip,drown proofing at the pool.motivation plt was a blast,when does the vacation start ??

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    when does vacation starts hell you were already on it it doesn't get any better than that

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    Marines... I have some bad news.... General Robert Barrow, former Commandant of the United States Marine Corps, member of the Chosin Frozen has past away and reported to St. Peter.... another Marine reporting for duty sir for I have served my time in Hell.
    Also, Lt. Col. John Ripley, last Marine Hero of the Vietnam War also has past away and reported aboard with Gen. Barrow. Lt. Col. Ripley as a Captain was ordered to hold at all cost a bridge in the NVA Easter Offensive of 1972. While under fire placed 500 lbs of explosives under a bridge and blew up the bridge prevented a force of 20,000 NVA soldiers and 200 tanks from crossing thus delaying the fall of South Vietnam until 1975.
    Gen. Barrow was Commandant when I joined the Corps. Both of these Great Marines will be sorely missed.

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    Indeed,they will be sorely missed.
    They will be serving under the highest Commandant ever,inside them golden gates....

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    I miss those sand fleas so much I want to go back. I guess that's a testament to the character of the inmitigable United States Marine.

    I was medically retired and then cleared for active duty in 2007. I've been pining for reenlistment for so long that my wife actually decided that I should go for it. How's that for support?

    I'll be 28 next year and my reenlistment code requires me to go through Boot again. I'll be the grand old man of the training company. Oh joy. I've been having trouble getting my azz into gear.

    A helpful boot from my fellow Marines would definitely get that fire started again.

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    I say go for it, there's a guy here in BMP that's 29 years old.

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