My grandma is a very motivational person for me, and seeing as how I am leaving soon (roughly 1 month) to boot camp she decided to buy me a Bible and write me a couple of words of wisdom. Not necessarily to live by, but definately some that can help you get your head on straight and hopefully motivate you to do something. This has gotten me to think alot and I think since they are written on my address book, will help me in Boot Camp when I read them.
So i have decided to share them with you.

"Life is a gift that God gives you, in your hands to develop fully."
"Never be hasty or angry, because anger is typical of people without command of himself."
"Convert into steps, the stones with which you trip."
"Make true even crying, that which you promised with a smile."
"Life is in fact a fight, that depends on you. Only those who are not discouraged, achieve a good place in life...Wake up, Rise up... Don't Stop until you achieve your goal."
"Meet every task that is given, however small, giving your best."
"Invest your life into something or you'll waste it on nothing, and remember that life is one. So live then every day as if it were the only one, maximizing every minute,giving the best of you. As anyone who has, have never repented."
"Live to learn, and thus you will learn how to live."
"A great secret of success is to walk through life as someone who never gets tired."
"Always bear in mind to look ahead, it is important to always head towards the goal and never get discouraged. Like the compass, which always point to the north, Our will must have a direction that will never change our ideal."
"It is absolutely necessary to have well-defined ideals. I want, I can, I promise.For the word impossible is a refuge of the cowards,that do not want to put forth an effort."

I believe many of these are attitudes myself and fellow Poolees can take in towards boot camp. To never give up and always head towards our goals. I hope you put these words in your hearts and they help each and every one of us achieve success in becoming a Marine. I have lived by the words my grandma has given me and I have achieved and overcome all barriers that came towards me, now the only thing standing between me and my goal is boot camp. By far the greatest Barrier. Yet with these words and my will I know I can make it, and if all of you truly want it. I know you can make it as well.
Just remember these last words "Barriers are there for you to prove how badly you want something."

My greatest wishes to all the Poolees and Marines on this forum I hope this helps someone else out as much as it has helped me.