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Thread: Okinawa

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    Can anyone tell me what Oki is like? I never had the privilege of being stationed there so whats it like?

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    was there in 73-74 and 76-77 partied alot when I was there.. and all the hotels where whor houses don't know if it is still like thatnor what ist like now

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    I was there from '04 to '06. I was on Camp Foster. I personally had a blast. Of course, I was with a pretty chill unit at the time, H&S Battalion, MCB Butler. The island itself is beautiful, lots to do and great weather year-round. I'd go back in a second. Don't know if they still got the whole "red card" thing going on though, personally it didn't really affect me cause I was staying out in Okinawa City with my wife and daughter in a beautiful apartment by the beach. Gotta love that OHA and COLA!
    Anyways, there are some negatives. The Liberty Card thing, if it's still in existence, is one. Also, since it's a foreign country pretty much the only Americans you'll ever see are either in the military, are dependents, or retired or seperated from the military. So if you're one of those who likes to get away from the military lifestyle and hang out with civilians while on libo, good luck with that. Also if you do anything stupid out in town and get arrested by the JPs you'll be pretty much on your own. There have been too many service members over there doing too many stupid things for them to just hand you back over to your command. I had a Lance Corporal (or is it Criminal?) over there who's probably still eating fish heads and rice in some jail in Naha for robbing a honcho.
    But overall Oki is good to go. Make sure you get you some Coco's!! That stuff's like crack!

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    Camp Hansen. Humid and fun. NTA

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    Had a blast there. It was a great place for a final duty station. I was there in 96 - 97. Lots of partying. The scenery was beautiful and the beaches were great. Very clear water. A good place to learn to dive.

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    I spent a couple of weeks TAD at the Air Force base at Naha, once. Not really long enough to even get a feel for the country, but one thing I won't forget.

    On our first or second night, before we got oriented, a GySgt, another SSgt, and I went out to procure a few beers. We went to the NCO Club and they wouldn't let us in because we weren't members. We went to the Enlisted Club and they wouldn't let us in because we were SNCO's. We finally found a snack bar down at the control tower that served beer.


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    '64 Camp Butler,them metal huts were like ovens.
    Went to Camp Courtney,brand spankin new everything,but the small geedunk hut next to the slopshute.
    Not bad liberty spots . Naha was okay,4 corners off limits haha..New Koza had the bars, little ville out side Camp Hanson was a dump,I forget the name.
    I rate "The Rock" a 7.......

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    Camp Hansen 4 months loved it had a cave that went from the base to the beach, waterfalls wayout. Diving and snorkeling, NTA sucked. But glad I went

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    Glad to see Hawaii isn't the only place like that Cpl Gonzo

    The only white people here are military, prior military, or tourists.

    It might as well be Japan...only with less WMs..

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    I Was At Hansen From 03-04 With 9th E.s.b........i Was A Barrack Rat Most Of The Time.....and I Regret It So Much, I Didn't Get To See That Much Of Anything Why I Was There. I Was Married At The Time. I Hated It When I Was There Because I Was Away From My 6 Wk Old Little Girl But Looking Back On It I Miss It So Much....if U Ever Do Go Get Out Of The Barrack And Enjoy The Rock. It Is A Beautiful Island

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    It's alright. The humidity stinks, and after a good 3 months, you can see everything it has to offer. The extra pay is nice though.

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    I was there in 62 and screwed my head off. Dam them girls are nuts! If you dont like Oki, you must be gay.

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    I was there 83& 85 at Camp Hansen and good old Kinville. You gotta try the yakisoba and the chicken and shrimp fried rice over there. Alot of honey's over there. We were there from May to November and it's steamy hot over there. We also experienced typhoons both times over. You'll have a great time.


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    Spent two months there in 1945 and was glad toget away from the ISLAND. Went to China, Peking (now Beijing), much

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    Did (2) 6 month Dets on MCAS Futenma from '88-'90. I was attached to MALS-36, AVI-610. Survived an earthquake and numerous nights of running from the JP's. Had a blast partying on and around Kadena AFB.

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