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    Thumbs up Leaving...

    Hey guys, I am leaving on 5-21-03, instead of the 26th. Big change in plans.....was at Meps Buffalo, had someone who was suppossed to ship tomorrow get dropped, and the Gunny Sergeant requested my presence. I probably won't get a chance to get back on the boards, as I am leaving Erie at 0400 for a dawn run up.

    I would like to thank everyone who posts on the boards, poolees included. I would also like to thank Wrbones for his motivation, and the Drifter and Ellie for all of their help when I needed it the most.

    I wish the Poolees the best of luck, and look forward to when I may be able to be welcomed into my new family upon my return, Lord willing.

    Yours in Intensity,


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    Cool Leaving........

    Joe, we wish you all the best.............You are entering a part of your life that will remain with you always............Looking forward to you next post(in about 3 months) when we can call you our Brother and are a Marine..........Take care of yourself and do us all Proud..........

    The Drifter

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    I'm proud of ya RoboRobinson! I expect ya to come back and tell me that ya got promoted or somethin' in recruit training!

    Motivatin' people means that they need a swift kick inna ass from time to time. I didn't have to whup on you too much. You paid attention!

    Make sure ya stop by when ya graduate and tell us all about it!


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    Good luck; you have all of our prayers and best wishes for success. We know you have it in you.


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    3 months of trial by fire, purification for the mind. The taking of a boy and turning him into a man, breaking away the chaff, with Semper Fi for ever etched too your soul....During the coldest of nights or the hottest of days. Getting worked in the pit, Drill Instructor in your face. Your mind in a daze, body weary and strained, keep one thing in mind as sweat breaks through your brow, pain is just weakness leaving the body. It's a small price to pay for the Eagle Globe and Anchor a symbol of the greatest band of brothers, and the worlds finest fighting force. The United States Marines oooohh rahhhh!

    Do us all proud and those of us who still walk that hallowed ground God Bless you all!


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