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    Thank you all for the congrats. It amazing to finally be a Marine and be able to call you all Brother.

    To the Poolees, if you all have any questions please ask. A lot of the info that I got here from the other Marines helped me out quite a bit in boot camp. So what questions do you all have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crazymjb View Post
    2058 Over here... so you were disgusting follow series

    Glad to be off that island, and enjoying leave



    Congrats Marine. Now follow this link to get yourself squared away on this site;


    Welcome to the Corps Marine,

    Semper Fi,


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    Congratulations, Marines, welcome aboard and enjoy your tours in the Corps.

    Semper Fi

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    Congrats Marine welcome to the brotherhood.

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    congratulations, i hope to make this similar thread myself in 3 months. i leave for Louisville MEPS at 10am in the morning, then head to bootcamp Monday morning.

    Parris Island, Parris Island.
    Coming soon, Coming soon.
    Marine Corps, Marine Corps.
    PT, PT!
    Good for you, good for me!
    hoo ha!

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    Platoon 2058 H. Co congratulations
    hope you enjoy boot leave i know i am

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    2075 Fox Co. over here

    Welcome Aboard

    Semper Fi

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    Congrats Marine !! Enjoy your leave brother .

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    Congradulations Andy,you are a U S Marine.
    Oh ,and the FMF awaits your presence....

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    I just graduated on Sept 4th but stayed in SC until the storm passed

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    Congrats, Semper FI.

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    If you come to Alabama I will buy you a beer! Keep up your motivation Marine!

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    Hey Marine, welcome back and welcome to our private, life long club.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marinebaby17 View Post
    I just graduated on Sept 4th but stayed in SC until the storm passed

    Follow this link to get squard away. Welcome home Marine,

    Semper Fi,


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    Congratulations to all you new Marines. Welcome to the Brotherhood.

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