Daughter hurt in Boot Camp questions
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    Daughter hurt in Boot Camp questions

    My daughter who is 18 hurt her shoulder during Boot Camp. After spending several weeks in FRP, she called today and told me she is going to have to have surgery to repair a torn labrum.

    She told me her choices were to be Honorably Discharged and have the surgery at home (presumably I pay for it) or have the surgery there, recover in 6 to 7 months there and then come home...

    Something just does not seem right about that.

    I have called her recruiter and he is checking into it. She did not have a shoulder problem before she went in and now it seems they just want to discharge her...she really wants to be a Marine.

    Any advice at all?


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    Well Sir speaking from experience, I broke my Jaw in Boot Camp. I had to wait four days to get to the Hospital and I was wired shut in 2 hours. But they immediately started discharge paperwork on me. I went walking around the Hospital and found the Commanding Officers office. I walked in told him I was a recruit and what had happened. I was in my 9th week, I wasn't about to come home that easy. I told him I was fine he said Okay you got one shot, if anything happens to you in the next 3 weeks your gone. I won, But I paid for it later with my DI's when they got told what I did.

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    Mr. Darnell

    Thank you for raising a great daughter, we all appreciate what she is doing for all of us. Let me get right to it her as I wouldn't want anybody beating around the bush if it were my child (recruit).

    The fact that she has been granted two choices says a lot about here and her upbrining. Many recruits do not have a choice like this they either quit or there are seperated. Nobody knows but your daughter what was said how it was said and or presented to her. I can tell you this much she propably will want to continue her training when she recovers. This not unheard of during training for a recruit to get hurt.

    Please consult some of the threads on this site about other recruits that have been injured. Myself I would not stay and wait for surger at MCRDPI or San Diego. This just doesn't seem to be good to me. I would think that the Navy having cognizance over the medal of the Marines that the Navy would do the surgery and the thearapy, but I am not 100 % sure it would be worth your efforts to find this out for your own peace of mind.

    Having said this I am sure that your daughter's recruiter will get to the bottom of this for your daughter, it may take a little time but be patient the military in general doesn't move fast on stuff like this. If you know of an orthopedic doctor where you live you may want to ask him/her how long the recovery is for injury and how long the recovery is. And maybe even find out how something like this happens to a young woman at recruit traing.

    I hope this may have helped you a little bit.

    Gunny out

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    Thank you for the information. I appreciate your replies.


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