MFR leathernecks prepare evacuation HQ, keep eye on Gustav

9/2/2008 By Cpl. Johnathan D. Herring , Marine Forces Reserve

NAVAL AIR STATION/JOINT RESERVE BASE, Fort Worth, Texas — An advance party of roughly 80 Marine Forces Reserve personnel arrived here today with the task of preparing a forward headquarters, while family members settled into safe havens and hurricane Gustav bore down on the unit's traditional home in New Orleans.

The Marines are the members of the first phase evacuees (tier 1), and are tasked with establishing a basic, functional headquarters for the potential arrival of the remainder of MFR personnel.

While the evacuation's early focus lays with maintaining safety and accountability of people and equipment, the advance party will be addressing everything from communications needs to personnel administration in the next few days.

As the largest command in the Marine Corps, with more than 200 different MFR units nationwide, maintaining the day to day operations of the unit is also paramount.

While temporarily closing one location and moving to another one approximately 460 miles away is no easy task, many of these Marines have experience, which is making the transition run very smoothly thus far.

"This evacuation has been a success due to the lessons learned from Hurricane Katrina," said Jason E. Burkett, the Adjutant and Casualty Officer for MFR. "It is also largely due to the outstanding teamwork from each respective section."