Looking for Hq Service Bn, Comm Co, 1st FSSG 1990-93
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    Looking for Hq Service Bn, Comm Co, 1st FSSG 1990-93

    Hey Devil Dogs, Cpl. Hartley here just wanted to catch up and see how everyone is doing.

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    1st FFSG HQ Comm Co

    Quote Originally Posted by usmc23 View Post
    Hey Devil Dogs, Cpl. Hartley here just wanted to catch up and see how everyone is doing.
    I served with the 1st FSSG from about Nov 86 to Aug 90, I was a 2512/2513-Do you remember a Warrant Officer Martin?

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    !st FSSG, COMM PLT, 2531 87-91

    I was in Comm Plt. Sean Mc Hale. Carmen were you a wiremen ?

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    I was. Not sure if I recognize you?

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    I was in 1st LSB , comm plt. . I think I remember your name. Did you know John Motley or Tom harisimowitz ? Tom was a wireman from Comm Co. I did a west Pac w/ him and Motley was a radio operator. They were in the same time you were.

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    I do remember Motley, and I think harisimowitz too. LSB had the Red Tag on the uniform didn't they? What do you do now? I own a company in Pennsylvania, www.northeastprintsupplies.com, we sell office equipment, supplies, furniture, etc. I have been in contact with Andy Espinosa over the years, we did get together once about 10 years ago, when he was in Pa. Andy was in Comm Co, he also was a 2512/2513. We both went to Base Telephone for a period. Some other names are Dominic Delorenzo, O'Holloran, Chris Shannon, Scott Parsons, Scott Ullman,....

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    Yep. We had red patches on our uniforms. LSB was down in the 21 area. I have stayed in Comm.( lol )I'm a Out Side Plant Design Engineer for Verizon Communications (land line). I've been with them now for 15 years. I cover Atlantic City. I design all the infrastructure for this area to be built by our construction dept.
    I also own a Boat transport company. I started this company about 4 years ago and we transport boats locally and up and down the East coast in the water and by trailer.My web site is www.eastcoastboathaul.com .
    I recognize some of those other names. I saw Chris "Fuzzy" Shannon a couple of years ago. Tom Harisimowitz had a party in Connecticut and a bunch of us got together. See if you recognize any of them. Shannon you know, Mike Stockmen, Steve Smith, John Mc Vain. McVain is actually in the Army and is currently over in Afgahnastan.(sp?).
    Stockmen stayed in the USMC reserves and he just became a upstate New York sherrif. He was like the oldest guy in the class and kicked all there ass's. LOL

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    I was with Smith and McVain quite a bit, we all stayed in the same dumpy barracks. Glad to hear you got to see them. Do you have any contact info on Smith or Shannon? What are they both doing now? I've tried to look up Shannon a few times.

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