Question about reserve units
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    Question about reserve units

    I'm pretty sure I'm going to go the reserves route but I have a few questions. I know that not all MOS jobs are available depending on what the units near you do. Is there a way to find out what units are near me so that I can look into what they do so that I can be more familiar with the MOS jobs they do have? The MOS I've been thinking about is 0651. I need to study up for the ASVAB so that I can get a high score when I take the test.

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    Yes, ask a recruiter because even if they have a certain MOS at the reserve unit does not mean that it is open. It is a little different reserves vs active duty because a Marine can enlist for 6 years with the MOS 0651 for example. That could mean a few years of no 0651 slots available. There is always reserve slots, but it might not be the one your thinking even if the MOS is the reserve unit you would go to.

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    The recruiter is the best way to go, he has up-to date info on MOS slots for each command. If anything, you can ask the recruiter to take you to potential reserve units, talk with the 1sgt or wheover and see if there are any particular slots available in the near future or even pursaude him to add an MOS to the T/O

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    Agreed. I went the reserve route, recruiter had a list of the units and each MOS open at them. Verbally committed, recruiter took me down to the unit and i got to talk with a few of the Marines down there about the unit.

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