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    Question Best major?

    Greetings Marines and Poolees!
    So to give a little background, I've decided to go through college and hopefully become an officer, as that was my original plan anyways. And as has been pointed out in other threads, it would be silly to enlist and then go officer just for the sake of it.

    Anyways, my question was this: As my goal is Marine intelligence, is there a major or a program of study that would be most helpful with that? Just looking for input, any would be helpful, thank you.

    A. West

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    Get a degree in a foreign language, or in international business. Just remember the Corps is full of diversity. It would suck if all our officers all had the same friggin degree. It doesnt matter WHAT kind of degree you have, you can still become an officer.

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    About the foreign language thing. I'm taking Russian and french now, any suggestions specific to the intel community?

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    Uhhh.. use your brain... where is our focus?????????

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    Lol, the Middle East of course, however I was thinking future as in 5 years. Would it be better to learn Arabic or to learn Farsi? Or would it be better to learn just a general European language? Bad communication, my apologies.

    Thank you for the reply Gunnery Sgt.

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    Thank you for the advice GySgt. If I have the opportunity to do so, I shall.

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    I'd study Spanish, we will all be speaking it here soon.

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    Or study a Korean dialect. Also, if you go to the website and look, there is a list for the needed languages currently. That list is current for any government job, including the military, although I would learn something along with Spanish if you pick that.

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    I'd have to agree with Korean, Arabic, or Farsi. The intell community needs Marines that speak all different languages. Obviously the harder languages to learn would be more beneficial.

    It may also help you with a place to be stationed at by what languages you know.

    Say you speak "Gibberish" (insert language) and we currently have problems with "Gibber" (insert country). As intel you may have the opprotunity to be in "Gibber" (insert country)to use your language skills to gather intel.

    That obviously has a low chance of happening. BUT if it did, wouldn't it be pretty awesome to be one of the few Marines that speak "Gibberish" (insert language)?

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