B6 Ground Option
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    B6 Ground Option

    I've seen several people asking for a list of MOS's that compose B6 Ground option. There are some good ones and some bad ones. Here it is, straight off the Statement of Understanding.

    0431-Logistics/Embarkation & Combat Service Support (CSS) specialist
    0451-Parachute Rigger
    0481-Landing Support Specialist
    0811-Field Artillery Cannoneer
    0842-Field Artillery Radar Operator
    0844-Field Artillery Fire Control Man
    0847-Artillery Meteorological Man
    0861-Fire SUpport Man
    1345-Engineer Equipment Operator
    1361-Engineer Assistant
    1371-Combat Engineer
    1391-Bulk Fuel Specialist
    1812-M1A1 Tank Crewman
    1833-Assault Amphibious Vehicle (AAV) Crewman
    2311-Ammunition Technician
    3112-Traffic Management Specialist
    3531-Motor Vehicle Operator
    5711-Nuclear Biological & Chemical Defense (NBCD) Specialist
    5811-Military Police
    5831-Correctional Specialist
    7212-Low Altitude Air Defense Gunner

    Some of them seem kind of crappy, but hey, I've never been promised a rose garden.

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    Thank you very much.

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    0481! I love my MOS!

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    No problem. As soon as I saw the list and realized there were only about 5 jobs I wanted out of the 21, I switched to UH Infantry. ha

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    does anyone know the selection process for B6 as far as what MOS you get and when??

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    Depending on your ASVAB score and what the needs of the Corps are. If you have a 97 on your ASVAB, you probably won't get bulk fuel.

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    i got an 80 on my asvab.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rosary9mm View Post
    i got an 80 on my asvab.

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    I got an 81 on my asvab and am under this contract. Praying I get something in either 1300, 0800, or 1800.

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    0811 when it absolutely has to be destroyed, OOHRAH.

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    I know this is an old thread, but I wanted to know what(in your opinion) are the best jobs to have in B6 ground option.

    The job I wanted is all filled and isn't available for a year and I'm not getting any younger so my recruiter recommended B6 Ground Option and put it on my package. I'm actually a little worried seeing as I don't see anything that really strikes me as a job I want to do, but I don't want to go in without having a job in mind. Any inside experience on what some of the jobs are like would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    I've heard being a Marine is one heck of a job...

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    nice bump, i never knew what this consisted of and this is something I wouldnt mind doing.

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    This is currently what I have, but am hoping i can get Infantry before I ship to boot! If I dont I would be hoping to get one of these jobs under ground option 1812, 1833 or 2311

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    I got a 90 on the asvab, hopefully that'll gives me a little more reputation and they put me in a job that I want. Oh well, I'll do whatever the Corps tells me to do.

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