Marine looking for prayers!
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    Marine looking for prayers!

    On Wensday July 23rd 2008 my family and I lost our home to a Fire. No one was injured or hurt in the fire. As we were not at home at the time. We do not know what the cause of the fire is. But, we do believe it was Lighting as our neighbor lost their chimney to a lighting strike the very same night.

    On other Neighbor saw lighting hit in their yard on three occasions the same day. the Fire Marshall has said it could be Lighting but it not certain as of this time what caused it.

    The very same day at 12:30 that afternoon my daughter who is in the Army and stationed in Iraq currently flew home for a surprise visit. This was a true blessing as it is probably why we have not taken the lost of our home as hard as we would have without her here.

    possessions are replaceable but family is not and her being home to help with the loss of our home is the glue that is holding us together.

    Thank you for your prayers.

    PS: I was not sure where to post this so if it is in the wrong location I apologize for the mistake.

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    Prayers Outbound!


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    Good luck with everything Alan, you in our thoughts....and Thank your daughter for her Service!

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    We plead afresh the Blood of our Saviour, that he'll lighten this load for you and yours. And it's in His name we'll pray/ask it. Thank you and your daughter for your service.

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    Semper Fi Devil Dog! Prayers are going up!

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    Marine Free Member jrhd97's Avatar
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    Praying for ya brother. I know very well what prayer will do. It'll all work out.

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    Prayers Sent !

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    sorry to hear....lost everything i ownd sept the wife, 3 kids and the dog back in the late 70s to fire...oh yah...and the bill's....took years to i can truly feel for many personal things that nothing in the world can replace

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    I would like to thank you for your prayers!

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    Believe Marine i definitely know what you're going through. We had a house fire last year. The day after Mothers Day and lost everything, clothes personal articles and i do mean everything. We eventually bought a new house because we didn't want to rebuild, but it doesn't compare to your momentos. I pray that God keeps you and your family.

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    God works in mysterious ways, maybe this is a blessing in disguise.

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    Sorry to hear the bad news, Marine. But I am glad to hear that you and your family are safe, and alive. The stuff can be replaced. In the long run this might be a blessing as you might acquire less stuff and do more things, I know I did. I lost practically everything that I owned at the time to an accidental house fire almost 8 years ago, so I understand the loss. Good luck and stay focused on your family and what matters the most in your life. Semper Fi

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    You And Your Family Are In Our Prayers

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    Once again I am thankful to all of your prayers and thoughts towards my family. I am sorry that I have been able to log on in here in the last couple of weeks but things have gotten a bit hetic around here.

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    Rest assured, you are being lifted in prayer.

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