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    USMCSFA Portsmouth, VA

    I was stationed at the Marine Corps Supply Forwarding Annex, Portsmouth, VA from 1955 to Dec 1956. Looking for anyone who remembers a Sgt Joseph C. Beck Jr. He was married to the forner Linda Harvey and resided in the trailer park on the post. The only other Marine that I remember is Eddie Birmingham. As I'm now 70 years old and finding it difficult to recognize the guy who's face appears in my mirror while I shave, any help would be appreciated! Semper Fi!

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    I was at mcsfa from 1955 to oct 1957 I was an MP sgt there your face looks familar but don't remember Beck I remember Bill Ring and Green ,Safran ,Migliore
    Pelletier ,Young was a cook & Bobbitt was also in the guard co Capt Kelly was Adj.
    another guy was red Fox I remember faces but the names have left I am now 75
    good luck in your quest . Semper Fi

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    George Whippen, you old hound dog. I would have thought you'd gone to heaven years ago. Do you remember the night we went up to the O Club to pick up Bill Ring (he was directing traffic) and somebody pulled at his well-starched sleeve and his uniform from shoulder to his hand came right off? I think we were headed to The Pressbox for a few beers. I remember Bill, Leo _____, Barbara Taylor, Lois Walton (Woo, Woo), Duke Snyder, and lots of others.
    Semper Fi from Pete Connolly (See )

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    Went back to the MCSFA about 6 yrs. ago when I was in Willamsburg Va. its now a
    Community College not the same.

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    Fifty-five years later, it occurs to me that I don't think I ever knew just what it was that we were "Forwarding."

    Bunch of characters there were: Red Fox, Jay Dixon, Lt. Bray, Bill Ring from Somerville, Al Endom, Bill Walters, Jim Oliver et al. Some mighty good-looking ladies, too.

    Stay well.


    PS I worked up in your area for a while in the '60s - - at MITRE in Bedford.

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    I was going into mitre in the 60's I repaired the Friden calculators .Bill Ring died about 15 yrs. ago .I don't remember the good looking ladies you talk about .About the forwarding it was the supplies that were forwarded. What company were you in and what years were you there. I need to put this altogether the old mind doesn't
    always put the names and faces together. But I do remember your name.

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    Glad to see a few of you OldFriendMarines have "Gathered-up" Congratulations.

    Internet searches now days can do amazing things for finding friends, or information about them.

    I'm not a geek, but..

    Try - maybe - WWW . spokeo . COM

    OLD isnt an excuse NOT to find friends...
    just means you have to apply new standards for looking...

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    Pete You have come a long way since USMCSFA did you just write that book or has it been out for a while ? Did you go to Stonehill College?

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