MEPS and my shoulder
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    MEPS and my shoulder

    I am currently in the DEP. I lied at MEPS about a surgery I had done on my shoulder because my old recruiter (I was in the DEP last year but got out because I was offered a spot on a college baseball team but realized after a year the Marines was what I really wanted to do so i signed back up) told me they will not find out and I would have to get a waiver and it could disqualify me. My shoulder has recently been grinding, it does not hurt but I do not want to get hurt in sometime down the road and face a discharge. Will I get in trouble for telling my recruiter about this surgery and telling MEPS that I lied. I do not want my military career to be in jeopardy but I also know that if I get hurt again sometime during my career that I will be in a lot more trouble. I think I'm going to tell my recruiter but I've always wanted to be a Marine and I don't want to be disqualified. What should I do?

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    hmm.... let me think... TELL YOUR RECRUITER! and then tell MEPS.

    Pretty straight forward answer. Don't you think?

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    That is what I plan on doing but will i get in trouble with MEPS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by csan89 View Post
    That is what I plan on doing but will i get in trouble with MEPS.
    DUH!.... You think they will just let you go? You need waivers if it's bad enough. Tell your recruiter first though, and if he/she tells you not to say anything.... say it anyways. Just think of it this way... if you go in dirty... you have 4+ years you have to look over your shoulder and watch what you say to make sure you don't slip up.


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    Will I get in trouble for telling MEPS before I ship. Say I went to MEPS tomorrow and told them, would I get in trouble for already lying. I should have been more clear with that.

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    You need to tell them either way. So it really doesn't matter if you will get in trouble or not.

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    Don't spazz about it - of course you're going to get into trouble. Better now than when you get to MCRD.

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    I mean legal trouble. I know that I am going to have to do some explaining.

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    When people go to MEPS they afforded the opportunity to tell all! Then before they ship out they have another chance to tell all, then, at the Depot you have your last chance to tell all, The Truth! It doesn't become a real problem until you get to MCRD, then it becomes Fraudulant enlistment!

    If you are honest with MEPS they might find you disqualified for enlistment, but there are two boxes underneath that statement, 1) Waiver recommended, or 2) waiver not recommended. If the MEPS doc feels it won't interfer with boot training, then he will mark box #1. Even if he marks #2, and you have proper documents from the surgeon and your private doctor,then your recruiter can still ask for a waiver. Waivers are a process that takes time, some as short as half an hour, up to several weeks! Remember that this information is from the 80s when I was recruiting, so..... Sgt Slimmy can probably tell you better than me!

    You have to be realistic about this situation....what if it blows out in week 3 of Basic training, or 2 years in the Fleet, and they find out it was pre-existing? Then you are in a world of CRAP!

    Lying to get what you want doesn't alway work out, it will haunt you for your entire career!

    But my suggestion is be honest and tell MEPS, before you ship, or as soon as Possible. Oh I'd tell the new recruiter first, to get his reaction, but let him know that you are uneasy with the lie! Remember, it's your shoulder and your life, my friend!

    Good luck on whatever you decide to do,


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    Thank you to everyone that has replied to my post. I talked to my recruiter today. He said the first thing I should do is go to a doctor and get my shoulder checked out again because the grinding is probably not good. He said I'll fill out the waiver and tell MEPS about it and I might be disqualified. He also said there is a good chance of me being disqualified if my doctor says my shoulder is not stable or I have to get another surgery. Hopefully my doctor will tell me I'm good to go and MEPS will qualify me. Thanks again for the advice.

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    Chances are your probably not going to get introuble at MEPs. Me and my recruiter tried to pull a quick one and nothing happened, and they let me re-enlist so....

    However, if you go to Boot Camp, and just wasted everyones time, and uncle sams money, your probably gonna get in more trouble. Not to mention if they dont catch it, and you get hurt, chances are theyre not gonna take care of your shoulder for you, and its gonna be your responsibility because you lied.

    Remember though, you told you recruiter what you were gonna do, and you already did it. It would be an aweful shame for him to help you out, and then you go and run your mouth, and his career gets shat on because of you.

    With all that in mind, it's up to YOU.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adikt916 View Post
    It would be an aweful shame for him to help you out, and then you go and run your mouth, and his career gets shat on because of you.

    Recruiters that tell you to lie about something DO NOT get "shat" on because of YOU. They get shat on for their own stupidity ESPECIALLY when they know about it. If you and yours want to pull a fast one - have at it - don't be advising others to do the same tricky $h!t you're trying. IF you do make it through, I hope you always have to look over your shoulder to stay ahead of the lie you told to get in.

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    Tell the truth now, or pay the piper later.

    What will happen once you reveal this pertinent fact you will have to wait one year from the date of surgery. After the year you may then be re-examined & sent to ortho for a consult. The doc will take some x-rays & check your range of motion as well as strength. After that the medical waiver is then submitted & either approved or shot down. Don't be a fool. If you go to boot & that shoulder gives you a chronic problem & they examine it you will be screwed once they realize you had a surgical procedure you initially failed to mention.

    I had problems with chronic anterior dislocations, no surgery though, and told them before enlisting. I did have problems with it & even dislocated it on the O-course. Despite this I still managed to make it and graduate with my platoon. I had surgery at Yokosuka Navy base while stationed at Camp Fuji, Japan and have had no problem since. In fact I just had my medical waiver approved for re-enlistment in the army so I'm speaking from recent experience. Don't screw up your future by lying now. Just be patient & do what it takes to fulfill your dream. Good luck!

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    Never listen to the recruiters when they tell you to lie, because its your behind that will be discharged or get in trouble. They get paid for what they do, so what if they have to fill out a few more waivers. If they really do care about getting you in and not just as another number for them then they shouldn't mind. Just go the honest route, honesty pays off, even if it takes a few more weeks to get DEP'd in or shipped out.

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