Acne in boot camp
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    Acne in boot camp

    Well I kind of have bad acne, and I'm pretty sure in boot camp there is no time for skin cleansers lol. So i was wondering if any of you Marines had acne problems before boot camp, and if it got way worse by the time you got out?

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    WOW! That is about all I can say. You are actually worried about yer disgusting face breakin out with more acne at boot camp. LOL the fact that you took the time to actually start this thread almost has me rolling on the floor laughing my ass off!

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    lol i dont really care how bad it gets. I'm just wondering lol.

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    I'd say the Gas chamber will be the best test for it! If you come out with only snot and tears, you're good to go, if there's white pimples then your still alright!

    Dave out!

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    lol woooo !!!

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    Worst case of Acne I ever seen in my life, was a guy in Boot camp. He had it all over his chest and back... Now I never saw him putting medicine on, BUT by the end of Boot camp that sh** was almost completely gone. When I saw him at MCT it had all come back. That's why I don't beleive when they say Acne is NOT caused by "sweets" and stuff you eat. Because I saw that guy clear up right before my eyes. Being in Boot camp, No soda, Junk food. or any of that stuff...

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    haha sweeet lol
    Thank you for the reply.

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    In bootcamp i got a pimple here and there, but you'll be sweating alot and your face will be in the sun alot also, it shouldn't be that bad by graduation. You do have time to clean your face (for the most part) every night. Just get the hot water running and splash it all over your face to open your pores and just use your hand soap you get (don't loose it). You should be fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 119Wrestler View Post
    So i was wondering if any of you Marines had acne problems before boot camp
    and if it got way worse by the time you got out
    No. Maybe it dissipated some but there was little time to fuss over it or even care. It cleared up for good a couple few months later


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    Honestly i had the worst acne ever before boot but durring it it cleared up and never came back. Guess its healthy eating and exercise that did it.

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    If your acne is bad enough it can prevent you from participating in the gas chamber training as well as other training evolutions. It isn't cause to drop you from training unless it gets REALLY bad and gets infected. The constant rubbing of your gear (flak, pack, LBV, etc) plus sweat and acne can lead to some serious issues.

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    I had similar concerns when I went to Boot Camp. The fact is, per the posts below, you won't have much time to worry about it. If the MEPS doctor clears you for Boot Camp, then don't worry about it. If you break out when you get there, you'll be sent to sickbay and they will address it. I hope for your sake that you are one of the guys that clears up soon.

    No matter what, try not to worry too much about it. I'm not sure if you can take prescription medication with you to Boot Camp, ( I think you can if the MEPS approves it??? ) but if you aren't already seeing a Dermatologist, make some appointments now and see if you are one of the lucky ones who are somewhat curable.

    PS - almost all of the topical treatments you can get will ruin all your green t-shirts and turn them orange....some of your utility uniforms may be affected too, especially when you are sweating.

    I generally don't shave everyday since my skin breaks out easily. When I was enlisted, and had to shave everyday, I had some times I broke out more frequently. They suck, but the Navy doctors will take care of you once you hit MOS school and the Fleet.

    In Boot Camp, just worry about everything one thing at a time. The DI's will keep you plenty busy. Your skin is just along for the ride.

    PFC Jdncowboy....stick around for a while, and soon you will have junior Marines under you that need good advice. You will need to take care of them rather than berating them 'cause they ain't beautiful like you. ACNE sucks, and most people have zero control. For some it's a phase, sometimes what you eat effects it, sometimes the climate/sweat is good, sometime the climate/sweat makes it worse, and sometimes medicine just plain doesn't work and we grow sh!t out of our stinkin' face that is just plain abhorable. I've been there for all of it. If I'm too sensative about it....too bad for me. I suggest you plan on how you'll take care of your Brother next time when they ask for you for your decisive judgement.


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    Thank You Chumley
    Appreciate it.

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    You will be able to purchase stridex pads to clean your face with. Best bet is to use those in combination with a 50/50 of aftershave and rubbing alcohol. After lights just make your way to the head and take the time to clean your face and what not.

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    A lot of kids have bad acne. Your drill instructors might make fun of you in boot camp but they won't do anything else. Hell we had a kid with such bad acne, he was made fun of by everyone through boot camp and SOI.

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