Every Marine needs to see this!
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    Excellent video Gunny....... OOH RAH!!!

    Semper Fi 4 Life
    Give Me Liberty Or I'll Get It Myself!!!

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    That's who we are, Semper FI Gunny.

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    Illegitimi Non Carborundum!!

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    Outstanding video, Gunny!! SEMPER FI..!!

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    I watched, my son watched, I saved in favorites,,,,,,, thanks Gunny.

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    Outstanding Gunny,thank you....

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    Not only every Marine but every Marine Family! A true dose of reality. Outstanding indeed!

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    That says it all and more...outstanding Gunny!

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    I hope I live up to those who bled before me.

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    I'm good to go,really inspirational video,thanks for the post Gunny.

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