Alright, another college credit question. For real though.
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    Alright, another college credit question. For real though.

    I searched and couldn't find my exact situation.

    I have 46 hours from the University of Colorado. (I'm a sophomore credits wise, but this year would be my junior year. It's Boulder, all everyone does is party. 5 nights a week. It got old, quick. Sucks for me though, cause I ****ed up.) Anyway, my recruiter said I'd be a PFC, but then another recruiter said something about minimum GPA. I only have a 1.9...the weed and Counter-Strike got the best of me one too many times these past 2 years.

    He told me minimum GPA goes out the window after a certain number of hours, and after that it just matters that I have them. Anyone know the real deal? Will I be PFC? I dunno what's up, and neither of them seem to have an answer.

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    What Ive been told is that you must have a minimum GPA of 2.3 and at least 15 credit hours...thats my understanding at least.

    P.S. CU sucks go CSU!!!

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    Aw ******. Oh well.

    And we'll see come football season. I will get to see a few games before boot...hopefully long enough to see our new recruit, Darrell Scott, the nation's #1 HB recruit. He looks like Tomlinson, I'm telling's gonna be a good next few years in Boulder.

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    you just need 15 credits that avg out to atleast a 2.3

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    Oh well I have that. Sweeeeeet.

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