Now this sounds like of his elephant jokes.......

Beer Truck Corrals Runaway Elephant

Thu May 8, 2003 09:11 AM ET

MANILA (Reuters) - A runaway Thai elephant brought chaos and cheers to the streets of Manila on Thursday until a passing beer truck helped herd him back to an animal show.
Children cheered the elephant as police kept back crowds trying to catch a glimpse of an animal not native to the Philippines, let alone the traffic-clogged streets of Manila.

'The elephant crossed over a fence and just ran away during a practice. This is unusual since Jumbo is obedient,' said one handler at the 10-elephant show.

Organizers credited the driver of a San Miguel beer delivery truck for eventually blocking the elephant's way and allowing his handlers to chain him to a small tree before placating him with bananas and cooling jets from a hose.