Life as a Marine Corps Grunt
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    Life as a Marine Corps Grunt

    Found this video on youtube. Is it pretty accurate?

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    That video was funny as hell!

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    lol....ya..ull have that

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    I don't mean to slight those Marines in any way and of course I have no idea what they have been through. However, I think saying things like that to the children is potentially detrimental to the mission. All it takes is one that knows english and their entire veiw of America will change. Do any older, wiser Marines have any thoughts on this issue? I feel confused.

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    Marine Free Member darkgreen0311's Avatar
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    I didn't find any humor in that sh!t at all. I think that Marine is an azz plain and simple.

    Semper Fi 4 Life
    Yours is not to question why but to do or die!!!

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    Pretty accurate when it comes to being miserable 0311.

    One thing you poolees will learn that you have to loosen up. If your too focused and uptight 24/7 your going to crash. Grunts are a different breed of Devil Dogs. Jackin off 3 times a day is the norm around here. Just wait and see. Your time is coming.

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    lol...aint that the truth...when u due in country rj?

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    Supposedly heading to Afghanistan. The Bn just switch around to fit that type of mission. The BC said Jan - Mar is when we are suppose to go.

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    I'll be praying for ya RJ. Duty Calls..

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    Ahahahah that made my night!

    "its worth more than your life." <- LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by HurricaneRJ View Post
    Supposedly heading to Afghanistan. The Bn just switch around to fit that type of mission. The BC said Jan - Mar is when we are suppose to go.
    I know you will do well over there Ray...btw, if you were in the Wing my brother you'd be banging some phatt azz babes three times a day, then j/off'n the rest of the time, hahahah, j/k dude.

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    First off, yes that video describes the grunts pretty well.
    Here is another video that show the crazy **** Marines do when bored:

    Secondly, that little clip of them doing a forced march in the middle of a combat AO singing ditties really irritated the hell out of me.
    You're in a damm combat zone not strolling along Basilone Road.

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    Ugly American,,,,,, Grow the Fuk up. Yea,,, It's a *****,,,,,, BUT YOU DON'T HAVE TO LOWER YOURSELF TO SLIME. Just my opinion.

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    I'd say it's detrimental to the mission now. I remember watching this video a year ago and it was probly made a year before that. They are in Afganistan and at the time probly took contact often. I know back in oif-1 oif-2 winning the hearts and minds of the people was not on the list of priorities. I'm sure it was the same there. Now in the spot we are in Iraq it is about winning the hearts and minds. So in conclusion, like everything in the Marine Corps, SITUATION DICTATES. (stand by to hear that often)

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    There's plenty of other videos on youtube that will show you the life of any Marine, not just a 03xx...I don't think it's the downtime portion you need to be thinking of, though...It would be rediculous for any of us poolees or civilians (like those posting from the comfort of their desk chair on youtube) to pass judgement on this Marine.

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