Going to boot bald
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    Going to boot bald

    I'm sorry if this is stupid question. I ship on sunday to PI, but I attend a Military College, the Citadel. Today is our recongition day (Day of hellish PT and activites) to signify the end our knob (freshmen) year and the beginning of our upperclass ones. Unfortunately I had to completely shave or "bic" my head bald. I mean I have no hair on my head. It might grow out some before sunday but should I prepare myself for trouble anyhow? Thanks for any advice in advance

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    I wish I had an answer for ya, but I'm afraid I don't.

    Good luck on the Island!

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    The bald head will bring attention to you from your DI's.

    Normally not a good thing! It will earn you push-ups and in your face discussions. LOL

    Turn it into something positive. You have their eyes on you so do things well, very well! Continue to do so for the full time that you are trying to earn the title!

    Let us know your story when and if you make it.

    The best to you, give it your all!

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    I would think it would help a little shaving your head before going to boot? It would speed up the process just a little.

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    Naw, best thing you can do is get a Marine Corps Tattoo on your head before you get to boot camp....LOL

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    He would be doing Bends-n-mother****ers till Graduation with a Marine Corps Tattoo.....

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    Originally posted by Patrick8605
    I would think it would help a little shaving your head before going to boot? It would speed up the process just a little.
    The only process it will speed up is getting the attention of your Drill Instructors. You get charged for a haircut, whether you have hair or not. And, for whatever reason, they want you to have some hair to cut. Not too much and not too little. Usually, a Navy or Air Force regs type haircut would be fine. You could probably get away with hair over your ears, but then you'll probably be called a hippie and all those things associated with hippies. In Jesters case, he really doesn't have much choice and can let 'em know how and why he got it... that will open another can of worms.

    Jester, just a suggestion... Ya may just wanna tell your Drill Instructors (if it comes up) that some buddies gave you a going away party and cut off all your hair. You'll still bend, but it may not be as intense.

    Good luck.

    I had a buddy who showed up with hair down to his waist (this included his bangs). He spent about 3 or 4 hours in the barber chair with his hair over his eyes - 1, waiting for the barber and 2, meeting damn near every Drill Instructor on base... He said he could hear 'em talking then all of a sudden his bangs would be parted and a Drill Instructor would say "boo!" LOL I don't think you'll have this problem, though...

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    PT never hurt anyone. LOL

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    PT never hurt anyone. LOL

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    If I was you I would figure out...

    A way to stick some fuzz on your head.

    Maybe you can go into a barber shop and ask them for the hair they cut off and used crazy glue to stick it on your head, otherwise the D.I. is gona have a field day with you.

    He'll yell at you for depriving a barbershop employee of his living, his kids are now going to starve because if everyone did what you did, he would be unemployed.

    Maybe you cn go to one of those places that rents things out, like a rent-a-hair for a day place.

    Or, maybe just knock someone up aside the hed and cut off some of their hair to paste on your head.

    He'll yell at you for making the marine Corp look back, your cover will not fit, his whole platoon now will have to get a complete shave job all because of you.

    Boy, you is in trouble

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    A WIG.... wear a WIG

    Then, when the barber grabs your head to got at it..... yank it off and

    PT never hurt anybody


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    Don't sweat it! Everyone will get a shaved head within hours of arriving at PISC. Besides, he DI's that are at Receiving are not the ones who will train you. Your DIs will have no clue about how much hair you did or didn't have when you got off the bus. You may want to keep the Citadel thing on the down low though. On the other hand, if you tell the DIs that you do have college and ROTC experience, you may get aleadership position at the start of training. Worked for me.

    Good Luck. Be sure to post here when you get bck from training.


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    Sixguns has an excellent point that poolees often don't realize and that can save you a lot of pain. When you first arrive at boot camp, and probably for the first week or so, you are in what's called "receiving." There are drill instructors taking you places and yelling at you, but it's mostly for administrative, medical, etc., and they have a lot to do in a short amount of time. The well-kept secret is they can't afford to waste any time hassling you. So go to boot camp in a tutu and gorilla mask if you want. By the time you get to the drill instructors who really are going to know you, you will be just one more green weenie with unbloused boots, a sunburned head, and no USMC on your blouse. As to the address book, give it to someone reliable, memorize one address and then have it mailed to you.

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    Having a shaved head is called an eccentric haircut and can put you up for office hours, But in this case will prolly buy you a few laughs from the DI's as they are reaming your butt. By the time you get to your training Drill Instructors you will look like the rest of the broke dick privates in the platoon. Oh yeah, your still going to get a haircut anyways!!

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