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    Hi my name is Brian Mrozek I was on that mountain with you. It has been so long and I remember so many of those guys, would love to get a reunion together. Do you remember PFC Alan Hathaway he survived and we ended up at Quantico together.

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    Hi, Im new to this to, I would be intrested in any info you may have as I was there that day. We never really got answers. Brian

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    Hi,Gloria would love it if you can share with me about that day. How do I do that Im new to this site.

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    Helo Down in Mindoro

    I was there with Ico 3/4 saw the whole thing. and have been having nightmares ever since. I had pictures, but have long since lost them over the years, which for me, was a good thing. I WISH I STILL HAD THEM.

    because of the crash, and along with the Fuji fire in 79, i have a really bad case of PTSD I am trying to get behind all the death and destruction, that i had to go thru, in a peace time no less.

    Gawd i hope the men and women in Iraq, come thru their ordeals better than me. God Bless them all

    Semper Fi , Forever.

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    Jake hi would you be able to get me a copy of what you have Thanks Brian

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    Mindoro Island

    LPD-10 USS Juneau

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    Another shot of what I believe was the Juneau headed from Oki to Fuji. I think I took this pic from The Alamo LSD33.

    I was on the Juneau as we went from Fuji down to Subic in Sept 1977.

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    sscjoe thanks for posting the photo's Brian

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    I just found this thread, in fact just found this site. I was a radio operator with 9th Mab (controllers of Op Fortress Lightning) I was on radio watch when that chopper went down. There was some confusion as to whether it was "part of the training" or a real crash for a few seconds.
    Now as to the rest of this I have nothing other than the memories and what I was told happened. I was told that there were 2 CH 53's, one loaded with your brother and the others and one empty. I was told the pilot of the empty one radioed the other one to tell him to leave the water buffalo (trailer) and he'd get it. The other one said he could manage. It was a bit too much for the helicopter and when he lifted out of ground effect he lost lift and the tail rotor struck the mountain. I was also told that there was a MSgt or something like that who was throwing people out the back as the chopper tumbled down the mountain but I don't know if that's true either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MAP View Post
    Hello Gloria and my fellow Marines. I just happened upon this site by accident. I was looking up info about the USS Schenectady LST 1185. I was there that fateful day. My name is Michael Parker. I was a machine gunner in Wpns Plt Kilo 3/9. I was with the first crew choppered for search & rescue. That day is forever etched in my mind and the details are like it was yesterday. I'm at a loss what to say but I am willing to answer anyones questions if I can. MAP

    I just posted on here but I too went to the island on the "skinny D"

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    Welcome bensallen. About a month ago, I spoke with another Marine in 3/9 who was on that flight, and he said the centrifugal force of the rotating chopper was throwing Marines out the rear, he was one of them and I think those thrown out were the only survivors.

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    Thanks for the link. I just joined that group.

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    My thoughts and prayers to all of you who have been touched by this event as the anniversary approaches. Don't know if it will work but sent a picture in memory of my husband Sgt. Charles Anderson in this email.
    God Bless
    gloria Click image for larger version

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