Will the Marines pay for college already completed?
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    Will the Marines pay for college already completed?

    First off, I'm a 19 year old rising sophomore at North Carolina State University with every intention to join the United States Marines after I graduate. I'm planning on majoring in History with a minor in Middle Eastern Studies (where my goal will be to learn Arabic).

    I wanted to know if the USMC will pay for any of my college costs that I've already accumulated prior to joining? Either way, I'm still going to serve, I just thought it would be a huge burden off my chest to have some of my college paid for.

    Thanks for the help in advance

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    No. The Marine Corps did not ask you to go to college, so why would they pay for it? It does not matter if you intend to go in after your degree, I do not believe they will pay for any previous credits.
    Contact you local Officer Selection Officer and talk to them. (Yes, Officers have a different recruitment system then enlised)

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    I went to the recruiters with 105 credits under my belt. I asked the same question when I went to talk to the Corps recruiter and was told that I would not be reimbursed. I joined anyway, to my greater benefit. Now I have the GI Bill to pay for future college but I still have to pay off my past debt.

    As for Officer Programs, I don't believe they pay back either, but follow amarine's advice and go talk to an OS Officer.

    Good Luck!

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