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    When i was at Mildenhall Airforce Base in England...waiting on my plane to be fixed to fly back home from the desert, we made friends with these British fellas that took us out and we all got drunker than hell together. They told us hat the word F.UCK did originate from their country because it came from when the King would allow his royal subjects access to their subordinates wives and it stood for Fornication Under Consent of the King.

    I dunno...at the time it sounded believable, especially when you're drinking a yard of warm beer!! HAHAHA!!

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    Old Marine, Sir: I'm looking at a G-3-1, (1st Mar Div), Korea Association Roster, I did some light traveling as a member of W-3-1, and we usually traveled with George Co, Captain Westover had it for a while & then Captain Carl Sitter had the Co. We had a CWO-4 Harold (Willie) Wilson. Could you be the son? Kindest regards, Gary Hall.

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    Whenever you use the words government and politicians. Twice if you use them in the same f--king sentence.

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    It was a joke.

    I thought it was funny. since when don't Marines use such language.

    Ever been told, "you curse like a Marine. What's wrong with you?"

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    Jim Oliver, never heard the saying "you curse like a Marine, what is wrong with you"
    I've heard the saying "curse like a sailor" when someone says that to me,

    I say " f*ck a sailor they are all p*ussy.

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    SGT John,

    I bet you were popular aboard ship LOL

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    I never made it to ship. Got PCS orders to Oki. I don't think I would of liked it to much on ship around all the damn butt pirates.

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    HAHAHA,,,, The butt pirates left us alone,,,,, they had their own to cuddle and scuttle with.

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    What The Fvck!!!

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    What The Fvck!!!

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    You got that right, Buckeye,,,,,

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    Guest Free Member


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    HAHAHAHAHA,Shet,,,, You're killin me, Dawgg.........

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    Subject: When it is OK to say the F word!

    When miss suburbia the soccer mom steering a 1 ton Ford Excursion what can't parallel park worth a damn corrals you and your pickup into waiting on the queens exist from starbucks packing a 1/2 caff nonfat no whip cinnamon dulce latte and biscotti on her way back from a waxing

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    Subject: When it is OK to say the F word!

    In every ****ing sentence.

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