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    Hmmmm now I'm confused cause I've seen guys on here who I know for a fact are Marines and have only served one tour and they'll say they were in OIF IV or OIF V.......hmmmm weird.

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    They refer to it as that, but that is not the official designation. Don't know what to tell you. It is in my SRB and citations in that way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mgkusmc View Post
    Hmmmm now I'm confused cause I've seen guys on here who I know for a fact are Marines and have only served one tour and they'll say they were in OIF IV or OIF V.......hmmmm weird.

    That means they were there for both like myself i was present from 04 to 05.

    Before the we took over Fallujah (all the fing 12 to 14 hours shift) thanks for going UA Thompson and leaving me with all the work for BN.

    After Fallujah i got to clean up the city and look at the after effect of what rounds can do.

    Who gives a F how many times you were there.....

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    OIF 2 - Started out in good ol' Korean Village (****** moon dust) and went on to Hit, Fallujah, and Ramadi.

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    OIF I
    Kuwait - BPW
    Iraq - Viper, Anderson, Chesty, Al Kut

    With ESC 6th Engineers

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    Kuwait - Camp Ripper
    Iraq OIF I - Safwan, Zubayr, Basrah, Nasariya, Diwaniya, Najil, Afak, Budayir, Al Kut, Diyala, all over Baghdad, and Hillah

    I was an AAV operator with 3rd Assault Amphibian Battalion, Alpha Company, 2nd Platoon. We were attached to Kilo 3/4. A reporter actually wrote a book about it titled "McCoy's Marines - Darkside to Baghdad."

    For the most part, I can't remember most of it. I remember losing some friends at Diyala, losing a friend during the huge sandstorm March 25th, getting shot at quite a bit, and driving an AAV while trying not to fall asleep. The details are just a blur, but I was lucky because I kept a journal. We floated back home, during which time we were debriefed about everywhere we went in Iraq. I wrote all the names of the cities down on the way home. While I was there though, it was "shoot the hell out of the city and move on to the next one."

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    Quote Originally Posted by SgtArty View Post
    OIF II
    Feb 04' - Oct 04'
    At first it was Junction City, then the Army (Big Red 1, to be exact) changed it to F.O.B. Ramadi. With Btry K, 3rd Bn 11th Mar. Right across the way from Blue Diamond and Hurricane point.
    Counter Battery. NICE! I remember coming back from the Government Center, thinking I was hot sh it because I actually got the chance to leave the wire, going up to the BC and asking him what the deal was with counter battery. Specifically, why were we getting rocked by indirect fire and why wasn't CBR wrecking someones life?

    You were relieved by 2/11. Oddly enough one of my Drill Instructors was in 2/11 and I saw him a few times while we were deployed.

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    Here's a picture I took after we engaged the 51st Republican Guard Armor Division during the invasion. This was on the way to Zubayr, if I remember correctly. We smoked a lot of sh*t that day.

    This was an MTLB that tried to run. He didn't make it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 0231Marine View Post
    I was in Ramadi (Blue Diamond) with 1st Intelligence Bn in 2004, Ramadi (HP) with 1/5 in 2005, Ramadi (HP - Gov Center) with 3/8 in 2006 and Ramadi (HP) again with 3/7 in 2007...now I'm in Baghdad as a contractor! I swear, I might as well buy property out here

    haha the pink taco!!! that's where all the ladies were!

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    All over southern Iraq with 1st LAR and as far north as Tikrit when we were assigned to Task Force Tripoli. Also went as far west as the Saudi border to try to find smugglers toward the end of my tour. All this was in '03.

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    Oif Ii

    OIF II Hit, Iraq 1/23 C.CO Semper Fi

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    OIF1 RCT7 Charlie 1/7 B Co AAV attachments
    Jan 03 - Jun 03

    Did a pump to Ramadi in 08 but since there's been so many new deployment titles I can't remember what number combination they classified it as.

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    OIF 05-07, and OIF 06-08, both times at Al Asad. Flew a couple missions on Army UH-60's to deliver supplies to Marines at Korean Village and Al'Qaim.

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    OIF 5-07 also stationed at Al Asad Air Base Febuary 06 to September 06. Fixed MSR Uranium North and South from IED craters left in the road!

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    OIFI I was in Camp Fox Kuwait as part of FSSG fwd. Jan 03-July 03. I was the A2P Chief @ GSM Comp.

    OIFIII- I was in TQ as part of CLR25 Maint Det. Feb 05- Aug 05. I was the MMC.

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