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    i was always given the schittest detail during police call they always put me in the head detail i served there a lot

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    I was in OIF 1 with 1st TSB at LSA Viper. Anybody else????

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    Quote Originally Posted by Komenko View Post
    Since when doesn't an airbase count for OIF1 and 2? I got my Campaign Medal so according to the Military it does count!
    But did you get a C.A.R?? The one that matters

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1812USMC View Post
    But did you get a C.A.R?? The one that matters
    Since when did getting a Combat Action Ribbon have anything to do about this conversation? Read all the posts please. Dback was complaining that those of us Marines who were posted on Air bases didn't count as being in OIF 1 and 2! I was in Al Asad and Yes I did leave the wire to fix the MSRs from the IEDs that were used on our convoys. No I never got the CAR, but 8 of the Marines in my company did after being hit with IEDs. So I think I'm lucky to do my tour with out being hit unlike the unit we replaced which lost 14 Marines from IEDs and small arms fire. So like I said this conversation had nothing to do with getting a CAR and if you would have looked at my sig you would have noticed that I don't have one!

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    ask if you really want to know
    I was in Iraq during the invasion and to get a CAR you had to be engaged by the enemy then menuver and return fire against the enemy. Now they have changed it where getting hit by a IED counts i think thats a slap in the face to every Marine who has been in a fire fight. The CAR has last its true meaning. I have two so if you want them you can have them. I dont need medals or ribbons to show that im a Marine or what i have done. Just my thoughts.

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    Oh look, a CAR ****ing match, how cute.

    OIF 1- I crossed the LOD in the dark, wasn't sure what day it was. Safwon hill was on fire. Escorted CSSB-10 from Kuwait all the way to Baghdad, stopping at most of the garden spots of southern Iraq along the way. Retrograded to Diywaniya in May and ran convoys from there, then went back to Kuwait to catch a freedom bird home...until our CO decided to chase himself some ribbons and volunteer our company for another escort mission. Spent June through September living in Kuwait, picking up Army refuling convoys at the border and escorting them to Basrah where they filled up with diesel. From Basrah we would take them to Najaf where they would dump the fuel at the power plant there. Then we'd turn and burn back to the border so that we could have a day of down time before doing it over again.

    OIF 2- got to Ramadi in September of '04. My platoon lucked out and got billeted at Blue Diamond. Nice digs, decent chow hall, too many ****ing officers and senior enlisted. We ran security at the front gate there, conducted tons of patrols in the AO just North of Ramadi and Northeast of Blue Diamond, IED sweeps along the MSR's and ASR's since we had working dogs with us, and escorted convoys locally on occasion. Also served as QRF a lot.

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