6 days to go....
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    6 days to go....

    Hello my fellow POOL(ee)'s. I have 6 days till i leave for MEP's. Its crazy how quickly time flys. Over a year ago I was so excited because I could enlist in one week. Now Im anxious/nervous because I leave in a week.

    This is my good-bye to all people who have helped me, on this website, and in person. Thanks to you all. You where very motivating and helpfull.

    I may not have a chance to get on again before I leave (next sunday) and I wish all of you POOL(ee)'s that ship after me, GOOD LUCK!!!

    Well, I'll be back on in 3 months and tell everyone how it went!

    Thanks again.

    -Devon Denike

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    Good luck.

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    Good luck and enjoy your last days bro...go get laid, pick up some girls and munch on your favorite foods.

    Have fun and enjoy the quarterdeck beesh!

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    Yep. Im in your same boat i leave Sunday as well. I'm pretty excited, i've been working out for a year now and I can finally experience what i've been working out and dedicated toward. I'm going to San Diego though.

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    Good luck to you,just do what you are told as quickly as posssible,stay sharp and motivated and you will do fine.Good luck to you as well Project the same advice applies to you.Make us all proud.

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    Devon, It's been great having you here and It'll be great having you come back as a Marine. Good luck.

    -- Gardner

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    Good luck bro. Do not come back without that title, just kidding. Seriously I wish all the best good luck.

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    can't wait your right we DEPed in together now we go to bootcamp can't be anymore amped to go

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    God be with you at boot camp! Go and earn the Title that we are all gonna fight to obtain!

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    No matter how long it takes, Im going to become a Marine. 4 days.....i never thought I'de be scared to go, but im not going to lie, and if someone says theyre not scared then they are lieing....Im scared chitless. lol

    ps. Thank you Gardner and everyone else who has helped me.

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    lol you ship on my birthday! 9th June.

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    Goodluck Devon, like someone else said, go get some booty and have some fun before you're surrounded by a bunch of ugly dudes for 13 weeks, lol.

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