96 asvab. college. intel. officer
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    Question 96 asvab. college. intel. officer

    A little about me:
    I scored a 96 on the asvab. As my first choice for an MOS I selected Intel, and I'm planning on going to college through the reserves before trying to get to/through OCS. I've got a nack for anything that has to do with any electronic technology, abstract reasoning, and learning foreign languages.
    Currently a junior in highschool(near senior), and am set to ship 20090615.

    Alright, I've heard different things from my recruiters than I've heard from marines I know and those who claim to know something about the military.
    My recruiter is telling me that with my ASVAB score, and the fact that there will be many open jobs around October, I will be able to plant myself in Intel without problem. When on the flipside i'm discouraged by people making it out to seem that i wouldn't be able to get anything I'd like in Intel, IF I manage to get my MOS in Intel at all.

    My hope is to get to go to college and have it payed off by the MARINE CORPS as I study robotics engineering and programming, continuing my study of French and some other languages, and go to OCS. My recruiter tells me that there is a good chance of that, where others tell me that there's a very slim chance of my having that opportunity.

    In short. Recruiter says "you've got a high chance", others say "you'll get ****** over reguardless". Now, my recruiter is new to what he does, and seems genuine and not overly-charismatic about recruiting(as well as being more about the recruite than the numbers). The other people I've talked to claim to know those who've been an example of what they were telling me, or to have heard it as a rumor.

    My sister's urging me to go Airforce (she is a marine not wanting me to get stuck somewhere i don't want to be... aka worried about her little brother), as I'd have better opportunities financially. But, I'm looking at the MARINE CORPS as an experience and setup for the personal foundation to achieve what I want to throughout the rest of my life, rather than for monotary comfort. Also, the SSgt of my recruiter told my mother the other day that i had a $150,000 scholarship.

    So would help settle my mind a little? and tell me whether or not I'm just some naive wide-eyed-poolie-hopeful. Can I go to college? How is Intel, and what are my chances? does my 96 ASVAB count for much? and, all this assuming I push through PARIS ISLAND.

    Thanks, J.H.Horton

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    Check your private messages. I just sent you one.

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