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    Jager bombs and Whiskey Sours.

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    vodka/tonic w/lime, Bud Lite or Tecate Lite W/Lime

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    Absolute and cranberry.

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    Crown Royal on the rocks.....or beer.....good strong beer......

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    Old grand dad for the cheap nights....jack Daniels Single Barrel for when my pocket is feeling full!! oh and I do not know whats in it but last night got really drunk off a shot called Carrot cake WOW tastes soooo yummy....thats a great one to buy the ladies at the driftwood if you Marines are ever there!!! lol

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    Yuckon Jack and Coke.!!!!!!!!! Engineers Up!! That's what they yell when the grunts blow up.

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    Other then beer? Jack straight!

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    Cap full of rubbing alcohol in a Coke Thats when we got hard up during a weeked Back Alley tournament

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    Quote Originally Posted by ecfree View Post
    A mug of Guiness,and a shot of Old Bushmill's,and good day to you.
    Pour the Guiness in the dog's bowl and fill my glass up with some of that glorious Old Bushmills' Irish Whiskey! Just wish it liked me as much as I like it! Gets rougher as the years go by!

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    Bushmill (I'm a Scots-Irish troublemaker like Jim Webb) but I also love my shots of tequila.
    Wine gives me headaches and beer makes me fart.

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    Quote Originally Posted by recon532002 View Post
    Cap full of rubbing alcohol in a Coke Thats when we got hard up during a weeked Back Alley tournament

    Yikes.... rubbing alchohol has perfume in it. Wood alcohol will make you go blind and drestroys internal organs. Hard up indeed. Ever heard of them fellars that drank squeeze and played spades? Squeeze was made by dumping a can of sterno into a handkerchief and squeezing out the moisture. What you ended up with is about a quarter cup of wood alcohol mixed with kerosene. Yikes again.

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    Long Island Ice Tea


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    Captain & Coke..... Any Miller products.....

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    double jack and coke
    diesel fuel from Flounders
    irish wake from McGuires pub

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