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Thread: Serial numbers?

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    Yep, started mixing them when I got out in '72

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    P,I, #1991xxx and when I was getting out in 1966 the numbers wer I believe in the 205xxxx range...

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    I went in to the Corps in 1963; my serial number was 206XXXX.

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    P.I. 1959 Plt 343: 1808171

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    I enlisted in 1954 my # is 14819**.

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    I came in in 1961 and my # was 1960xxx

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    My serial #W711***, the W. is for W. Semper Fi.

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    Jeez, I messed up. The #was W711***, the W is for Woman. The W is for woman. Semper Fi. Sheila Hays.

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    Let's face it, if you have a real serial number, you are from a bygone day. Mine was 236.... and if I remember correctly, it was given to me when I signed the dotted line in Memphis after my physical in March of '67. I remember all the hoopla about using your SSN especially the statement that SSN was not to be used for identification. People still complain today, but let's face it. no matter what they used for personal identification, some crook out in the cyber world will figure out a way to steal it.

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    When I got out of active duty in 1966 some of the new guys that were coming in were using their SS numbers for service numbers. Mine Starts with 2050*** Semper Fi

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    Service Number

    I remember my service number from 1964. How could I ever forget?

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    Enlisted 7 July 1953. Service #141136*. Burned into my brain housing group.

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    I joined on Sept. 11, 1959, my serial #W711###. I didnt like wearing dog tags, they cause rashes. Graduated on Oct.23rd 1959, I cried when we gave our D.I. our platoon flag. Plt.13A. I had my EGA, we all worked hard for that. I believe all of us would not see each other again. Semper Fi. Sheila Hays. MyMOS was 4011, Data processing.

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    Then you should remember the hurricaine between August and September,( I belive), that flooded out 3rd bn and forced us out of our quanset huts and move to 2 bn. Even the steets of 2nd bn looked like a river.

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