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Thread: Serial numbers?

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    It’s a good ideal to scan those to your computer. I scan all my old documents such as birth and death certificates, deeds, medical info, important receipts, ect., ect. Once scanned the are easily restored by someone familiar with something like Photoshop.

    If you know how to use a scanner it’s a fairly simple process. But I remember when I first started with Windows 95, NOTHING was simple. Before Windows, I had to learn MS/DOS for my job.

    In your “Documents” or “My Documents” folder, according to your version of Windows, you can create a “Important Docs” folder then inside that you can create different folders for each type document. That way they are organized for you to easily find. When scanning I choose “save as” .jpg files, as that creates smaller files that won’t take up much room on your hard drive, or on a disk. I would also advise doing the same with all old photos saving those to your “Pictures” folder. Do the same there as in the “My Documents” folder, that is creating folders inside the “Pictures” folder to keep them organized.

    An add bonus is that the documents and photo can easily be restored using a program such as Photoshop. Restoring can be as simple as using the “auto” tone, color, contrast or sharpen function in Photoshop. To be sure all these are safe, I suggest saving to at least three different media. In other words, save at least three different ways.. I have them on an external hard drive, on DVD’s and backed up online. I have been doing this for three years now and still have boxes full of photos to scan.

    I’m going to start a thread in the near future on PC and internet help/security, and do a step by step screenshot on just such subjects

    Semper Fi

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    In the 80's they used your SSN" in fact it was even on your dogtags. I don't wear mine anymore for that very reason.

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    scaning docs

    I had never given that a thought.Good idea!It is a shame to watch theses things slowly self destruct.I'm going to give it a try.Thanks again and of coarse SEMPER FI

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    Mine was 1108310. Anyone remember SSgt Deason, DI, MCRD San Diego? I graduated in December, 1950 and can't remember my platoon number. I know, sounds stupid, but wait until you've lost it, kiddo.

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    Gen. Krulak

    Quote Originally Posted by pnwhite View Post
    Foxman - Funny you mentioned Gen. Krulak. I was in just a few years before you, and I'm only 5' - 6". When I was in Purdue University, I was in R.O.T.C. and on the Purdue Drill Team, so I knew how to dress, how to do the manual of arms and to march, but one of the things I remember was my encounter with Gen. Krulak. As you know, he's not very tall, but he is taller than me. Anyway, he was inspecting us one day on the grinder at San Diego. This was just after we had to change from brown leather to black leather (or visa versa). So we had to get our shoes and the bill of our hats dyed and then re-polished. Having all that spit and polish on the drill team, I had my shoes and the bill of my hat in tip top shape immediately, and that was good because just a few days after the order came down to change, we had that inspection. Well as he was walking through the ranks, when he stopped in front of me, I'm standing there waiting for him to yank my rifle, but he never did. he sure did give me the once over though, and just as he turned to go to the next Marine, he said to my Company Commander "Good looking Marine". After the parade was over and we were back at our barraks, I got to bragging about my compliment and my company commander said that the reason he said what he said was that I was the only Marine out there that he could see the bill on my hat.
    While I was in boot camp fall of '61 at San Diego Gen Krulak was base commander.We used to see him occasionally as our living area was quonset huts next to the headquarters complex.We were drilling and Gen Krulak walked over to us.SSGT Rice halted us, right face and stand at attention.He saluted the General who returned his salute and said "these men look like ****".I need not tell the rest of the story.SSGT Rice was our senior DI and a WWll Vet.Good man,tough but fair.

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    Since this thread seems to have brought attention to Gen'l Krulak, here's another one.

    He was based at Quantico (Maj Gen Merrill B. Twining, who's brother was Lt Gen Nathan B. Twining - was Base Commandant) while I was there.

    One of the events Quantico was noted for was it's (this was the 1958) Annual Horseshow (as best I recall, Quantico housed one, if not THE, largest stable in the Marines).

    And Gen'l Krulak was apparently quite an accomplished equestrian (or maybe he thought he was), but he was preparing for a jump and just as the horse was about to lift for the hurdle, a base photographer snapped a flash picture.

    Apparently that caused the horse to buck and the Gen'l went flying off. He got up and lit into the photographer -much to that person's chagrin.

    The Gen'l may have been short of stature, but he was plum full of vinegar that day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ppater11 View Post
    Mine was 1108310. Anyone remember SSgt Deason, DI, MCRD San Diego? I graduated in December, 1950 and can't remember my platoon number. I know, sounds stupid, but wait until you've lost it, kiddo.
    I also graduated in December,1950. I will never forget my service number but I can't remember my platoon number nor my rifle number which I thought was burned into my brain. Our Senior DI was PFC Duran, a Bataan survivor and the sharpest marine that I was ever around. We never found out why he only had one strip. After we graduated all the other DI's would tell us was that it was a very interested story. There was one other platoon that graduated the same week as us. I had some friends from Amarillo, Texas, in the two platoons behind us. My number is 1152565 so you are senior to me.

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    I was a Unit Diary Clerk (Remington Raider) in '72 and I was responsible for changing all of our Marine's MSN's to SSN's. I think it is a good thing they are changing them back.
    Semper FI

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    I was in when they made the change. I didn't see the necessity of making the change in the first place. The only thing that was told to us was that it was to make the joint services more uniform. I can't figure out why the Marine Corps would want to be more like the other services. Only our ID cards were reissued with the ssn on them. Does anyone know when this happens, will they sequentially pick up where they left off?

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    It changes, and changes, as time goes on. Wait until you see guys with bar codes on their necks. (real ones, or chips) or on the arm. Easy access, and the property of the U.S. government.

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    Anyone from the Apr54 Plt 315, SDI J. Runge, JDI T. Winski (Who just graduated two plts ahead of us. Our S#'s ranged from l3 to mine l459798 Eckert. Runge was from Colorado and had just returned from Korea. Semper Fi!!

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    I remember Gen. Krulak, he was the C.G. at MCRD in San Diego. We had a C.G. inspection and he stood behind me, and questioned Capt. Hayes about my uniform being pleated in the back. We were in our summers and wore dresses, they were green and white pinstripe with big green buttons. The men pleated their blouses, so I did the same with my uniform. My serial #was W711***.

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    Hey guys, trying to type this, forgive me if I make a mistake, still till next week, Doc to do surgery, on right hand, anyway, 65- 21911xx 2nd bat. MCRD, SD.
    Semper Fi

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    Cool Boot Camp MAGGOT

    Gruenwald J.E.2439364 (0311) Class Of '68,Graduation was a B**CH!!!

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