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Thread: Serial numbers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed Palmer View Post
    Mine was 1583xxx Feb 1956

    How does it feel to be a boot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Old Marine View Post

    How does it feel to be a boot.
    Weelllll, guess that could apply to "this Ed" also. Seems I'm always the boot.
    When I was promoted to Sgt on 6/01/58, I was given hell for being a slick sleeve buck Sergeant also. We had PFCs with more hash marks than I had stripes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bucksgted View Post
    Weelllll, guess that could apply to "this Ed" also. Seems I'm always the boot.
    When I was promoted to Sgt on 6/01/58, I was given hell for being a slick sleeve buck Sergeant also. We had PFCs with more hash marks than I had stripes.
    Dont feel pregnant Ed. I was a Buck Sgt. for ten years Sgt E-4 and Sgt E-5. I was also Acting Sgt for some time. I had to request D.I. School so I could make rank. Retired an E-7 which was the highest rank available when I joined, so I feel I achieved my goal. Would have maybe made E-8 and E-9, but had a family problem with my daughter who had leukemia. She had a doctor by the name of Lt. Moorer who's favorite uncle was Thomas Moorer, former CNO and I had orders for NAM that were cancelled because of a call from the Admiral. I was left at MCRD, SD and retired at 20 years.

    A Major at HQMC sent a speed letter and wanted me to take a hardship, I suppose so that they would not have to pay the retirement. This fiasco took about a year to get settled.

    I had been a D.I. for close to six years and I think they had lost my record. When my daughter got sick I went to my SgtMaj and informed him that I had always done what the Marine Corps wanted, but that my daughter was not expected to live and I was expecting orders. The SgtMaj stated that its not what you did yesterday its what you can do today. Which is BS. He sent a message to HQMC and they issued me orders for NAM. The rest is history.

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    Right about it changing in 1971,,,, mine was 2546239. Indoced outta Cleveland, and on to PI.
    I am a draft dodger, however, never did sign up. Graduated HS, and shipped out at 17. You think they are looking for me? My DD-214 has a place for a draft#, and draft board location,,,,, it shows,N.A.
    Guess what I made my son do on his 18th?

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    Looking for mbrs of Platoon 315 Apr54............RonE. 1459798.........CWO-3, USMC(Ret). MCRD-SDiego.

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    You Ole farts have sure brought back memories. In April 65 I was coming out of The Navy Annex headed back to Henderson Hall and who do I meet , Gen Wallace M. Green. I saluted said Good Morning Sir and he returned my Salute and said " PFC What is your Serial Number?" Why I did it I'll never know. I said ,"Sir I don't have a Serial Number, Weapons and Vehicles have Serial Numbers, My Service Number is 2177527. He said Carry on and I did. When I got back to Henderson Hall The Top called me on the intercom and I reported to his Office. He asked me if I had seen The Commondant and I said yes sir I did. He asked me if I told him I didn't have a Serial Number, that Vehicles and weapons had serial numbers. I told him yes sir that's what I said. The Top reached in to his desk drawer and threw Lance Chevrons at me and said, " Well you little smart ass , you must have impressed him. Get these sown on before dark. Won't ever forget that.

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    Ya know, this thread strikes me as kinda funny! I can just see some of the younger folks in here rolling their eyes when they hear us old farts talk about crap that went on in our day. Having said that, I would hope some of them would pay attention to some of the history being recorded here. For the most part rank was a son of a ***** to attain. I wasn't kidding when I said we had PFCs with more hash marks than I had stripes. I know now that I just got lucky and had the right MOS, in the right location and at the right time. My shop Gunny (Tech Sgt) was an old Ordy and was not ashamed to admit that he didn't know crap about electronics or radar. He was very vocal to our CO about his short comings and was quick to say to the CO that I knew my sh*t and was teaching the rest of the shop. Aaaah, Opa Locka! The best liberty town going. Sooo close to Miami Beach and all those women just couldn't wait to spend their money on young Marines!!

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    Well, I'm young (compared to you guy's anyway) and I love hearing the old stories. absolutely love it. As far as rank is concerned, my friend (who by the way,I met because he was the SNCOIC of my recruiting station when I was 18) retired a Master Gunny, He also sponsored my MCL membership for the det. (that he founded), We were having the conversation about promotions over some beers at last meeting. He said it was all about timing, He joined in '76 when alot of people were getting out after NAM. He was Sgt. in 26 months....keep the stories coming...respectfully, Kevin

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    I feel like a boot .. . . 1640XXX, Oct. 56, Parris Island, Platoon 377

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    2702372==== 1970 changed to ssn in 1971 or 72 a little fuzzy now

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    The Women Marines had a serial# with a W in front of it. Semper Fi LadyM59 Sheila Hays

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    Yep, Old Days, 4 Hash Marks, 1 Up. Ha Ha, Hmm, Me 1 Up, Remember The Days. Lmfao. That Old Gunny Was A Man. Chesty Would Have Loved Him.

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    Yup,mine was 2241###,I'd be more likely to forget my mother's name,than I would my service number! According to the numbers, I'm a boot too!

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    Serial numbers Old Corps

    My serial # started with a W711***. Thats about it. Those dog tags up against the skin always gave me a rash. Semper Fi Sheila Hays

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    Let me take care of that rash,,,,a lil lotion and TLC,,,,,,,,,,,,,LOL.

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