So who's shipping to Parris Island in June?
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    So who's shipping to Parris Island in June?

    That's when I went last year...


    Have fun with that **** haha. Make sure you hydrate, don't scratch the sand flea bites, and I hope you can go to sleep when the sun is still up.


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    9 June. Can't wait


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    Ha ha I'm so glad I'm going to SD, woo! here I come Mt. Mother F*cker.


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    Quote Originally Posted by crazymjb
    9 June. Can't wait

    Thats exactly a year after I shipped, well I got there the 11th, but it was still the 2nd monday in June when I went. 52 weeks.

    You know what company you're going to be in? Or batallion?

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    16 June...I am suppose to be 1st BAT Alpha Co.

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    June 16th 3rd Bt Mike Company

    17 days....

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    June 9. got like, 10 days.

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    Have fun Poolees.I spent the summer of 86 at MCRD Parris Island,boy was it hot.Who is shipping out to Parris Island?

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    Im going June 16th, 3rd Batt. Mike Company. All I can say is Im a Florida boy and would rather be hot that cold, cant stand the cold its just...well weird ha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Achped
    ..... I hope you can go to sleep when the sun is still up.
    Thanks for the memory jog, Achped. Totally forgot about that ... I arrived PI the evening of 6/14 ... 1982. Great way to spend the summer. My folks told everyone I was "at the beach".

    Worst memory - first chow.... at 0400.

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    I ship on June 9th as well!!! 4th BTTN Oscar Co. Yep. After over a year in DEP, boot camp should be completely not be what I was expecting at all. Lol.

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    Quick question I'll be in SD as of June 23rd and I'll be in Golf Co. how do I figure out what batallion I'll be in?

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    Shipping to PI this Monday, June 2nd.

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    16 June....3rd bat mike co

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