Down Texas Way..the Leprechaun Reports
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    Down Texas Way..the Leprechaun Reports

    Hey all....haven't been 'round these parts for awhile. I'm at Brooks Air Base, San Antonio, Texas, for 4 months worth of schooling for the USAF. God help us, they are training me to be an Enviormental Engineer. Yesterday I couldn't spell it, today I 'are' it.

    I've got another couple of months to go so won't be around much.

    The quarters are hotel accomadations. The equivilant of Field grade quarters in the Marine Corps, since I'm an E-5 in the Air Guard. I can't imagine what AF colonels quarters look like. Quite the culture shock.

    Lest any prospective AF recruits get ideas, the non prior service kids live in barracks and play games, including cinderalla liberty, room inspections, the whole bit. At least when you graduate USMC Recruit training, you get treated like an adult and not a kid.

    Anyway, I'll check in when I can. I can respond to PM's but don't have much time to hit the site regular.

    Stay low.

    PS: I'm writing on a hotel keyboard, which sticks, so excuse the punctuation and spelling, not my usual standards.

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    Environmental engineer. We have those in the Marine Corps I think, they're the guys who burn sh*tters aren't they?

    Enjoy the Air Farce. Wait until you make senior NCO and check the quarters out then.

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    yelp thats it Zulu 36...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zulu 36
    Environmental engineer. We have those in the Marine Corps I think, they're the guys who burn sh*tters aren't they?
    Followed by a soil and ground water post mortem and rigid search for endangered dung beetles for a chance at the endangered species dole and,,,up goes a strip mall with a starbucks catching the drippings

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    LOL. Pretty much that's about right. Although we don't burn ****ters. Besides, WHEN have you ever seen the AF use anything in the 'icky outside' like an outhouse??

    Come on!

    Besides, we have 'people' for that, if it came to that.

    BioEnviormental is sort of like a fancy Industrial Hygienist.

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    when you yell at a E-1 and he looks at you funny remember just keep saying this is not the MArines over and over lol

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