I'm not sure where to post this (maybe the mods can put it in it's proper place) but just wanted to say Thank You and God Bless to those who defend our freedom. Dave Warden

Veterans are easy to recognize
By their special swagger
And their shattered eyes
By the way they stand so tall
When the flag is raised
And how they bow their head
When the Lord is praised.
They may have clabbered voices
And brown and mottled skin
A missing arm or leg or eye
But you can see the youth within.
What horrors did they see
What hell did they endure
To keep my flag and liberty secure?
What would our nation be like
Without veterans such as these?
Let us remember each of them
When we bow our knees
And may we give all reverence due
To the brave men and women
Who defend the Red, White and Blue.