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    I served with Bravo Co 7th Eng. on Hill 34 from June 69-March 70. I remember the 175's on the Hill. I was transferred to Delta Co on Hill 37. Was wounded in April 70 and sent home. I am trying to find out the grunt unit on Hill 37 at that time. Got any idea?

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    No I sure don't. I was based at hill 34, hill 55 and Red Beach{NAC}. You came in country the same time I did , June 1970. Not sure where hill 37 was.
    Duncan from gun 6

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duncan View Post
    Not sure where hill 37 was.
    Duncan from gun 6

    Did some checking on Hill 37 although I wasn't there.
    Many other references on google also and it's 12 miles S. of Da Nang if I recall correctly.

    Hope that helps.....

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    I was the Wire Chief with 1st 175Guns on Hill 34 from 12/68 to 12/69. Also did duty as a radio operator in the FDC. Remember going to FB Ross and setting up our Bravo compound. Arrived in country as E-4 and left as E-5 with early out. Would love to hear from others who served as well.

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    I was on gun 3 on 34 then out at hill 65 on the point. 08/69 - 08/70. a few months back Thomas kish and cooper caught up with me. a while back frank miller contacted me.

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    Hello Brothers! I served with "C" Btry 13th Marines at NAC and then with 11th Marines 69-70. I was the guy that made all those delicious mid rats while you all pounded rounds on the VC. Spent a short time at Hill 34 when 13th Marines rotated back to the world but then got sent right back to NAC. ( wasn't short enough to go home!) I'm trying to get information to support some VA claims ...Need to get some details...hopefully from here?? Like to hear from any others who served at NAC....Oct69- Oct70

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    I remember the mid-rats...bologna on dry bread. I was on Gun 1 (1st 175 Guns (SP)) and was at both Hill 34 and NAC Red Beach. It was our Gun that exploded on New Years Eve 1969 while at Hill 34. What is it you need/want to know?

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    Frank Miller....good to have a reply. I'm in touch with another marine from NAC...also a cook. We took a dud round through the mess hall roof.. wondering if anyone remembers that? Also there was a Marine killed at NAC when a M79 round blew up while he and another guy were tossing it around? Can't find any records of that??
    Ive looked all over the net for some pics of NAC...I only have a few. Love to find an arial picture of the whole cantonment.
    I have a pending claim with the VA for hearing loss and tinnitus....yea I know I was a cook but those guns were loud!! Any others have successful claims??
    Thanks for your reply...

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    I was on gun 4 at the same time. I remember Cooper he was there when I arrived
    . My old mine is petty foggy anymore.

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    Hard to remember all the details after so many years. I read all the monthly chronology reports I found on line and there seems to be a lot of details I remember that never made the reports..... I have a list of names that were all at NAC 69-70 that I can post here. I'll dig out what I have. Mostly other guys from the mess hall. I shared a hootch with the engineers that ran the water point . We used one of the spare water tanks as a swimming pool for a short time until someone tore it down in the middle of the night......I'll have to figure out how to post pictures ....

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    11 Marines HQ 155 hill 34

    I was with HQ Btry 155 SP on Hill 34 just south of Da Nang. ARVN boot camp down the road, great view of hill 327 backside and some tanks back toward Da Nang. June 1969-Jne 1970 (6 months at airbase ducking rockets). Recon had the end of the hill near the river. 175 battery faced toward the ARVN boot camp. I once manned an LP when our entire area was hit. We manned the fire control bunker for our J, K, and L batteries. Got some photos I will scan in and post. I was a radio tec.

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    Been a while since I posted

    Just re-read this thread....not much activity lately. I'm still playing games with the VA on my hearing claim and tinnitus. I found the monthly chronology reports on the web from NAC. Pretty interesting stuff. Looks like the various guns fired in excess of 40-50 thousand rounds a month! Thats amazing!

    Id still like to hear from anyone that was at NAC Oct69-Oct70. any pictures also would be cool. I'll try to get some that I have posted. I have one of a 175 firing....also on of a gun called "iron butterfly" anyone know about that one?

    my email also on facebook
    Chuck Page , Niagara Falls, NY

    Semper Fi....

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    Hey guys, I don't know how many of you are on Facebook but we have started a group for 1st 175 Guns (SP). You should be able to find us by doing a FB search or by going to this URL:

    Hope to see y'all there.

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    Was it 5th Guns? Check FB under 5th 175mm gun battery.

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    Looking for anyone from 5th guns, 8", 155 & 175 from Viet Nam. Check us out on FB under 5th 175 mm gun battery. We have been having reunions.

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