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    I served with Bravo Co 7th Eng. on Hill 34 from June 69-March 70. I remember the 175's on the Hill. I was transferred to Delta Co on Hill 37. Was wounded in April 70 and sent home. I am trying to find out the grunt unit on Hill 37 at that time. Got any idea?

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    No I sure don't. I was based at hill 34, hill 55 and Red Beach{NAC}. You came in country the same time I did , June 1970. Not sure where hill 37 was.
    Duncan from gun 6

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duncan View Post
    Not sure where hill 37 was.
    Duncan from gun 6

    Did some checking on Hill 37 although I wasn't there.
    Many other references on google also and it's 12 miles S. of Da Nang if I recall correctly.

    Hope that helps.....

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    I was the Wire Chief with 1st 175Guns on Hill 34 from 12/68 to 12/69. Also did duty as a radio operator in the FDC. Remember going to FB Ross and setting up our Bravo compound. Arrived in country as E-4 and left as E-5 with early out. Would love to hear from others who served as well.

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    I was on gun 3 on 34 then out at hill 65 on the point. 08/69 - 08/70. a few months back Thomas kish and cooper caught up with me. a while back frank miller contacted me.

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