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    Wisdom Teeth

    Has anyone taken wisdom teeth pulled out during boot camp? If so, how was the recovery process? Did getting your wisdom teeth ripped out affect any of your training days and so on? I've been just wondering about this because I have wisdom teeth up, and I don't know if I should pull them out before the boot. Thank you for your time and consideration

    -Poolee Jo

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    Well, I would probably have them out before you leave....if it all possible..I had mine out a couple of years ago..best person to probably ask is the orthodontist..

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    If your teeth need puling out, they'll do it during team week. You will get 1 day of bed rest, and another day on light duty.

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    I had a cavity in one and got it filled while in boot camp - day of bed rest, I think. Wisdom teeth on the bottom needed to come out but, they waited til I was in the fleet for that.

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    Ok, thanks for all the answers. Appreciate it.

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    Dan, be careful when you learn the "I'm up, they see me, I'm down" That's how the rear site apature on the M-16 busted my front tooth. (that the Navy dentist, so nicely fixed on board the USS AUSTIN!) Oohrah for FREE Dental!

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    I just got my wisdom teeth out friday. With what I am experiencing with it, its no fun. I am pretty week feeling and look like a chipmunk still, the damn meds make me feel like crap. I was told to do it before i ship. I got all four out as well.

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    Why pay for it when you can get it done free?

    I rather be on bed rest and light duty during team week. Watching everyone else get fuked uped while you just lay there and watch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HurricaneRJ
    Why pay for it when you can get it done free?

    I rather be on bed rest and light duty during team week. Watching everyone else get fuked uped while you just lay there and watch.

    Thats what I'm thinking, I've got to get mine out ( all 4 ) and I think I'll just wait till the Corps tells me I need to get them out, there all showing and some times they hurt but I can stand it.

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    Dang Navy docs refused to pull mine.

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    Note the operative words "IF they need to come out."

    I had all four of mine taken out in the Corps, two at a time. The first pair came out after one of the teeth became impacted. Unfortunately, we were in the middle of Typhoon Condition One in Iwakuni and I was in P-A-I-N for several days before I could get to dental sick call. Now I know why they keep our rifles locked up in armories.

    I still had to wait a week longer for an oral surgery appointment, but thanks to modern chemistry, that was a pretty fast week.

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    Darkgreen 0311

    I had my wisdom teeth pulled in Boot Camp it was before any t-days started. 1 day of bedrest feet underneath the covers at a 45degree angle and reading Marine Corps knowledge. That's Marine Corps bedrest.

    Semper Fi 4 Life
    Yours is not to question why but to do or die!!!

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    mine are comming in too. i can feel the bottoms ones with my toungue and feel the tops comming in.. hurts everyonce in awhile but its nothing i cant handle.

    my step bro cried like a baby when his where comming in, and if this is what he felt i feel sorry for him./

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    Mine were pulled at bootcamp, all 4 of them, at the same time. We had a recruit with us that had 5 wisdom teeth pulled. The docs said it's rare but it happens.

    Anyway, I got bed rest for the rest of that day and light duty the next day. I couldn't eat ANYTHING for rest of my time in bootcamp without gargling water afterwards to get the food out of the holes in my mouth.

    Oh, and it hurt like hell.

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    They took one of mine in boot, and the other 3 at my first duty station. They gave me great meds...for 2 days I didn't know anything had happened...even went for a nice PT run the next day. When the meds were gone after 48 hours, I was miserable for about 2 more days. I say get them done asap, especially if you have good teeth now - for most people, as they grow in they push all your front teeth together and they'll get really crooked over the years. The younger the better I say. If you have good dental insurance before Boot Camp, go ahead...if not, wait 'til the Corps pays for it.
    PS - just get 'em all over with at once, if you have the option....that way you deal with the discomfort only one time.

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