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    Reserves question

    Hey everyone, well I can't seem to find anything on the internet about what I'm going to ask, so maybe yall can help me out.

    I'm planning on joining the Marine Corp Reserves this December, I think that it will fit my lifestyle really well since I really want to continue going to college at the moment. The only problem I'm facing, however, is that I know that jobs in the reserves are kind of limited to a select few depending on the area your in. Or at least that's what I've been told anyways. There is 2 Marine Reserve Units that are relatively close to my house, there is one in Charlotte, NC and there is another in Greenville, SC. I believe the one in Charlotte is a Maintenance type unit, while the one in Greenville is a Supply and Ammunition Reserve unit. I was planning on hopefully getting into something like Administration while in the Marines if it was available, I'm wanting to be a History teacher once I'm finished with college so I figure something in this field would probably help me out later on. My question though is do yall think if my MOS was in Administration that I would be able to actually get on with either one of these Reserve units? I'm assuming that every Reserve unit needs Marines in this MOS, but I just thought I'd ask on here anyways.

    I hope yall can help me out, thanks for reading this. Sorry it's so long!

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    Yes, both of these units will have Admin Marines. You need to speak to a recruiter to find out exactly what jobs are available to you.

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    Yea the one in SC is a company from 4th Supply Bn, my reserve unit is co-located with H&S Co 4th Sup Bn. Anyways, your best bet is to ask a recruiter be cause he holds the slots available in your area.

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    Thanks so much for the help! I really appreciate it a lot!

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