Looking for 1st Sgt Cozine, D. E.
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    Looking for 1st Sgt Cozine, D. E.

    Looking for a Marine I served with on MSG duty in Costa Rica. His name is 1st Sgt Donald Ellis Cozine. He is from Texas. He was a Drill Instructor at PI around the 87 - 90 time frame. His was an instructor of his Bulk Fuel MOS at Ft Lee, VA, on MSG Duty from 93-96, then an Instructor at MSG BN for a few years after that. He went back to PI as a company 1st Sgt for 3 recruit training bn. After that he went to Maine or somewhere that I am unaware of. We had good contact until he went to Maine and I have not heard from him since. We would have went over 20 in Jan 2003.

    Anybody have any idea on his wearabouts, would love to catch up with him again. He is the reason I stayed in the MC.

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    Checked our Global Address Listing and ODSE database, but came up with no record of this Marine. Names could be spelled wrong...

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    I have double checked and his name is spelled correctly as Cozine. He may not be in the Global Listing b/c of retirement or being on I&I duty.
    Thank you for checking and posting your results.
    SSgt. Crawford

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    I also have access to a database that has all active duty and retired personnel. That name didn't show up. I ran a check on last name only "COZINE" and only came up with two, both named ROGER.

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    I know how to get him. All your databases are wrong or just bad. Let me know what you want to do.

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    I found him in ODSE. He is a "JR" which has to be included with his last name during the search.

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    1StSgt Cozine

    In Reply, I have his contact info. I served with 1StSgt Cozine @ I&I Staff Topsham ME. If you would reply to me @ jasonsrowland@yahoo.com I can confirm with 1StSgt.


    Sgt. Jason Rowland

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    Sgt. Cozine (at the time of summer 89) was my DI

    Hey Dogs:

    Yeah, a mean DI with great skills. Leadership unmatched in my eyes since then. Or perhaps that is just the mental picture that I have from a 17 year old's eyes.

    Anyway, I can confirm also that he went on to be a senior DI the very platoon after mine on the island. Most people never see their DI's again. I was lucky enough to bump into him at an "A" school while he was stationed at Fort Lee.

    I was visiting my girlfriends sister at Fort Lee who was in "A" school at the time. Almost **** my pants when Cozine walk through the door into the barracks and said something magnanimous about the On-Duty Marines 5 hour old pizza.

    He pulled me into his office and first said that he didn't remember me from Perris Island. Shortly afterwhich, it dawned on him who I was and he stated, "I remember you, you were Nasty!!" And it's true, I was a son of a ***** in Boot Camp. Guess that's what a person gets being from the city.

    Anyway, Cozine was awesome. I would assume awesome at everything he did.

    He had a huge mouth with big friggin teeth. To a 17 year old kid, the guy was quite scary; perhaps even evil. If not for seeing him adore his children during a drill competition we were in on the island, to this day I would have thought he was a robot like the terminator.

    Anyway, if anyone finds out his whereabouts; I'd really like to extend my courtesy to him once again. Please send me his email address. I am vertifly@gmail.com.

    Sempre Fi.

    -Dave Colucci

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    1st SGT.D.E.Cozine

    He is on the other Marine website together we served you can message him on there

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    Cozine is well..................

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    I remember him when I went through DC training for my second post in 1998.

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    Brother Dave,
    My name is Chris Griffith. I stumbled across this post doing a search.
    I have to tell you this, but I was in Platoon 1072 in 1989, as well. (last platoon before SSGT Cozine became a SDI).

    I'm sure you don't remember me, as I don't remember you. I actually went into boot camp on the buddy program with a Joe Harris but he did not make it and got cut pretty early in the process. (funny thing is he only beat me home by 1 day.

    I have searched for 1st SGT (SSGT at the time) Cozine before but did not come across this.

    I live in Tampa, but travel a little bit for work.

    I am going to send this to your email to see if it is good still.

    Semper Fi my brother and hope to hear from you soon.

    Christopher Griffith

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