The Jackson's are back in the spotlight!
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    The Jackson's are back in the spotlight!

    Jacksons want Secret Service e-mails Tuesday, May 13, 2008 | 10:49 PM
    Photo: Jesse Jackson Jr., Tuesday, May 13, 2008

    Reverend Jesse Jackson Sr. and Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. have filed a Freedom of Information request seeking all U.S. Secret Service communications relating to their family.
    The request came after reports that high-ranking Secret Service agents sent e-mails joking about the possible assassination of Jackson Sr. and his wife, Jacqueline.
    The message was about a missile striking a plane on which the Jacksons were traveling, saying it wouldn't be a great loss or an accident. "That's outrageous. We reject it and found it very disturbing. And I want to get to the bottom of whoever is cracking these kinds of jokes at the U.S. Secret Service," said Jackson, Jr., (D) Illinois. 27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000" codebase="" height="250" width="300">

    The messages came to light after African American Secret Service agents filed a discrimination lawsuit against the agency. The suit revealed a number of e-mails that included racially derogatory remarks. The Secret Service says the Jackson e-mail came from someone outside the agency.
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    This is an interesting article as I've seen the same joke they are screaming about posted all over the internet, with various versions about almost every major political figure out there. Does the joke detract from the good order and discipline of the Secret Service? Yes. Should there be a "full investigation" into this? No. It's simple, you look at the emails, see where they originated, follow the IP addresses and see if the joke originated from outside the Secret Services servers. Whether it did or not a letter of reprimand or some other punishment should suffice. If the person who originated the joke got it off a site from outside the agency network and this is a violation of policy then add on some more punishment, if the person got it from someone outside the agency then they should have deleted it instead of sending it on so maybe another bit of punishment there.

    All in all, I think the Jackson's are being overly sensitive and wanting to once again bask in their waning limelight. Don't even begin to tell me that either of them have never read an off color joke that may have been along similiar lines. I doubt they were offended, and I will give them a little credit for thinking first if they thought to send it on.

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    Talking Next time please use this Jackson

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    By the way, the Joke being referred to in the Article can be found right here on

    It's in the Slop Chute, under the thread "Chuckles of the Day", entry number 15946. This particular version of it does use Jesse Jackson and also Al Sharpton. If you search around a bit, I think there is one version in here with Bill Clinton or someone equally high up in the world ranks.

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    The jacksons are big-feeling azzholes!!!!


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    What happened to Janet?

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    Oh geez. Them again.

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