Met a very impressive young man this morning
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    Met a very impressive young man this morning

    I met a very nice young men this afternoon. He was limping in front of our local high school with a set of crutches, waiting for his girlfriend to get out of school.

    The campus supervisor had pointed him out to me and I walked over to say hi.

    He's 18, short military haircut wearing a US Army t-shirt. I introduced myself and that put him at ease.

    I gave him my card and invited him over to have coffee with us in the morning at starbucks. He said he's looking forward to joining the Vietnam veterans that have coffee every morning at Starbucks below is his story.


    Below is his story.,00.html

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    Cool Thanks For Sharing........

    This story with us........I know that you and those Viet Nam Veterans will give him a proper "WELCOME HOME." Something that we Viet Nam Veterans never got.............
    Tell him we here at leatherneck are proud of him and we also would like to Welcome him Home.



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