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    Unhappy I was There

    I was there we were right above the base camp I was part of 2/4 motor transport we were in our hut when a marine open the door on our hut said to grab our e-tool when I ran outside I looked up and saw the top layer of huts on fire I remember seeing al the burned Marines after the move us doen to the base camp faces and bodies burnt and the dead Marines which were being covered up with poncho liners, Please call me if anyone remembers this my phone number is 407-552-7152

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    I was there 2/4 MOS 3531 I still remember that day and still have nightmares

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    Quote Originally Posted by Devildogg4ever
    I am still trying to find Marines who survived the 1979 Fuji fire, and Marines of 3/6. I have a memorial on my site at Warriors Den. Semper Fi to all!!
    I was there it was so fu**ed up

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    I was with 3/6 in Gitmo during this fire, I remember hearing about it while at Gitmo. I had a friend who had been transfered from 2/6 to a unit (I've forgotten the unit) that went on a WesPac the previous summer. We had both been in the same plt at boot and both went to the same plt. in 2/6 as our first unit. Would 2/4 have been the unit that he went on the WesPac with?
    I only saw Gitmo myself, having reported to 2/6 after they had returned from a Med float. The float had it's own misfortunate events when an amtrac went down killing a couple of Marines. Then a Corpsman was killed during the rescue operations that followed.

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    I was there with 3/4 a year earlier, but heard about the fire when I returned to 7th Marines in '78. A very sad day indeed...

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    it was 2/4 , not 2/6 i WAS THERE

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    Quote Originally Posted by larsonm24 View Post
    it was 2/4 , not 2/6 i WAS THERE
    I didn't say it was 2/6 (if your comment is directed my way) I said my buddy and I started out in 2/6. I ended up in 3/6 and he ended up on a wespac. I'm not sure if one of his stops would've been in the area of the fire. I remember hearing of it while in Gitmo.

    If you weren't talking to me, never mind.

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    I was not in at the time of the Fuji fire, however I was in both 2/4 and 3/6.
    Fox Co. 2/4 wpns plt. '86-'89.
    India Co. 3/6 wpns plt. '89-'90

    Semper Fi

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    I was there. The fire blew in my window next to my rack. I helped at the air strip and took charge of injured Marines as they arrived at the Japanes Medical Facilty. I now rated 100 percent PTSD.

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    fuji fire was there with hotel 3/12 artilery

    Quote Originally Posted by Devildogg4ever View Post
    I am still trying to find Marines who survived the 1979 Fuji fire, and Marines of 3/6. I have a memorial on my site at Warriors Den. Semper Fi to all!!
    i was there with hotel 3/12 arty non of our men were injured but it still was screwed up

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    fuji fire

    30 years ago today, i will never forget , a salute to those killed or injured.

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    I was there, after the fire

    I will not forget.
    Was there with 2/4, as part of the engr. det. B Co. 2nd Plt 3rd Cbt Engr. Bn. this pic. was taken the day I made CPL in late 1980. Quonset hits were still there at the time, the mess hall was the only building I remember that was all wood.

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    I'm trying to Remember

    I was at Fuji the during this fire. H&S 81mm mortar. Piotrowski from Cleveland. I was attached to 2/4 but my memory is cloudy when it comes to remembering names and all. The MO-Gas was in a bladder above the camp up hill from us. As the weather got worse the camp flooded and the bladder broke floating the fuel on top of the water and down hill into camp. The weather was colder so the huts had those crazy pot belly stove heaters cranked. Our hut had a foot of water or so in side and the fires in our stoves were put out just before the MO-Gas came flowing in. Not long the base just blew up. I recall being barefoot and trying to run out of the camp on the razor sharp gravel. My feet were just tore up.

    We were ordered to go back in the next day and clean up. The place was crazy burnt down. I remember hearing about some friends that were killed, but it all kind of got hushed up. I really don't know why and for some reason have repressed these memories until recently. I recall a few friends, Camona, I'm sure its spelled wrong, and a few others. I would like to hear from anyone that remembers more. Perhaps the pieces of the puzzle could get filled in.

    Semper Fi


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    I was there with Dragons Platoon 2/4 We had a long few weeks there. I would have to scan them but I have many pictures. I was a 1 year new Marine. It was tough to loose so many from our company.

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    Why are you still looking for survivors?

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