Signals Intelligence/Ground Electronic Warfare
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    Cool Signals Intelligence/Ground Electronic Warfare


    I have searched for information about this already and have come up short. I am hopefully grabbing this job while it is available and was wondering if there is anyone around that has took this option. What primary did you get? And how do you like it?

    Any other info or tips are much appreciated!


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    is this new?!! UAV pilot is new since I joined so it's possible... why are you asking this question if you've talked to your recruiter???

    I say you go ask them before anyone gives opsec away.

    the reason I say this is because your recruiter should have given you all the info you needed on this hopeful job of yours.

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    You have a DC contract?

    If so most people that have that contract become linguists. Have you taken the DLAB? It is required to become a 267x. As a 2674 I can only tell you about the linguist jobs.

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    I dont know what a DC contract is so I guess not. I did not have to take the DLAB (yet?)

    All we saw in the requirements was the right ASVAB scores and elegibility for Top Secret Security Clearence (I have perfect background so no problem there)
    My buddy got cryptic linguist job and had to take the DLAB though.

    Also im not sure if its new or not... But my recruiter gave me the basic details. I just wanted to know anyones experiences by choosing this option

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    There are two types of intel contracts. DD and DC. You need to find out which one you signed. If you read your enlistment contract you should know this.

    If you want to be a linguist you must take the DLAB, there is so ifs ands buts about it. It is required.

    There are other jobs in the DC contract mos field aside from linguists.

    A DD conract is basic intel and will make you a 0231. You do not need to take the DLAB for that mos.

    Now find out what contract you have and if you are going to be taking the DLAB or not. Then I can tell you what MOSs you might get and what they do.

    The basic details are you are doing an intel job. Other than that most of the intel jobs vary a good deal. No generalization about them.

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    Well I havnt officially gotten the job yet :P

    There is a good chance, but my recruiter just faxed up what i wanted to switch to today. I will find out within a couple of days.

    I will let you know once I know and reply on this thread


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    Alright... keep me posted and then I will be able to answer any questions that you might have at that time.

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    It should be the DD contract, because under no requirments shown before we decided to send up the fax to MEPS that I needed to take the DLAB.

    So any info or experiences from anyone would be awesome!

    If you want to share experiences about linguist job im interested :]

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    Alright... based on numbers you will become a 0231. Training is in Dam Neck, Virginia. That is a basic intel specalist. Long story short you make a lot of power points.

    "Summary. Intelligence specialists are familiar with all phases and facets of intelligence operations. Typical duties of intelligence specialists involve the collection, recording, analysis, processing, and dissemination of information/intelligence. The intelligence specialist, depending on his/her rank, may supervise intelligence sections of commands up to and including MEF. "

    It is a good job and I have a lot of friends in it. They enjoyed their schooling.

    Read the above thread. It should answer all your more technical questions.

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    Hey thanks for the link

    Learned a lot about it.

    Still having it bounce around in my head.. I think it would be interesting and I would learn a lot. If i made the best of it, it shouldnt be a bad job...


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