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    Good Conduct Medal

    Fellow Leathernecks!
    Allow me a question, propably posed many times here,-Does a Marine have to have a full three years to rate a Good Conduct Medal? If you did a three year enlistment and got out, do you rate the medal?
    Semper Fi,

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    I believe you rate it on your third aniversary date

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    Yes, you'd rate a GCM if you did 3 years. Even if you went on terminal leave prior to reaching your '3', you rate the GCM, as long as you have an Honorable Discharge.

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    Sgt. Leprechraun,
    Me Irish mate, how do I obtaim me medal?

    P.S.-May you be in heaven a half hour, before the devils knows you are dead.

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    no you don't if it's 3 years... you have to have 4! 3rd annaversay date means the 4th year... if you joined may 2nd this year... next year on may 2nd is your first annaversary... and so on... so your 4th year or when you EAS... yup, sorry haus.

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    Not true. If he joined on 1/1/1990 on 1/1/1991 he would be at year one. On 1/1/1992 he would be at year two. Then on 1/1/1993 he would have his third anniversary and be awarded the Good Conduct Medal on the same day he EASed.

    If what you are saying were true, every Marine I know with a Good Conduct Medal (including myself) got it a year too early... and everyone that only did four years would not have the presentation in formation, like we had to do so often.

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    When you start your 4th year you get the GCM. I joined in 1964, in 1967 I got my 1st GCM.

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    Agree, joined Dec 75 and much to my suprised was awarded, in formation 12/78

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    Who Cares....just Do Your Job!!! Are You Tryin To Impress Somebody? You Get It,when You Get It! Besides It Takes Alittle Time Even When The Date Has Past!

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    Buckeye, Cpl Hood is 47 years old. I have to assume that the date for his passed many moons ago.

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    My Apologies!!!

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    Thanks fellow Marines. I am more confused than usual. So, I don't rate it? I still rate the EGA, that's the real reward-OOH-RAH!
    Semper Fi,

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    Check your dd214. It should show any medals you are entitled to. I was in for 3 & got it.

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    I joined up shipped out july 22nd 2002 and was awarded my GCM on Aug 1st 2005. So 3 Years of Active service you rate it, that is if you didn't get NJP'ed at all, if you did get NJP'ed for anything you will not rate it even if there was no loss of rank, page 11s or anything like that will not affect it. Unless this has changed in the last year and a half, 3 years of honorable service (yes you can still get a GCM w/o an Honorable Discharge though it is unlikely and yes you can still not get one with an Honorable Discharge)

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    You do rate it. If it isn't on your DD214 you need to apply for the correction before it will be on your records though.

    As far as where to get it, I'd try Grit's- I'd be shocked if he can't hook you up.

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