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    April 18, 2008
    We are Marines


    I was going to update on the high temps, sand flea bites and tics but below is a much more simpler post. All is good-Semper

    We are Marines. Many people don’t understand what we do as Marines nor do they really want to know. Many people are just thankful that we are out there. The force between them and evil. They are quick to chastise us or point out the rare occasions when we drift, however, they beg for us to go stand between them and fear. In the very recent past, we have lost two Marines from our unit, the first of this deployment, many of the last few deployments. They are warriors, school teachers and sons. They wanted to make a difference and they did. Now that we have grieve and have held a memorial, we put our helmets back on, push outside the wire and continue to keep the wolf at bay. Why you ask? Because we are Marines.

    God Bless them both and their families-Semper Fi

    Major Pain


    Vietnam 1968/69
    Once a Marine...Always a Marine


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    Love it Ellie as I've always said MARINE! the title says it all!

    Sgt G.A. Blake

    Marine! the title says it all

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    We are Pilots, Cryptologists, Support Personnel, Mothers, and Wives. We are Women Marines, working hard for freedom and the American Way.

    Semper Fi.

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    i agree ellie,however am having trouble posting a thread,here it is .ellie if you haven't seen the video on youtube.com about the barracks at ft.bragg,n.c..look at the video ,encourage other Marines to watch it also,it's a shame when we ask our brother's and sister's to go down range,put there live's on the line,only too come home to what deplorable living condition's as these soldier's have.it make's me wonder what kind of living quarter's our Marines have.34 billion dollars are being poured into ft.bragg to re-build new barracks,why only ft.bragg,my Marines deserve new barrack's also.see ya soon,ur friend mike

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    Some day and I pray it to be in my lifetime, the american people will finally accept the responsibility and pony up to take care of all Military personnell that they allow, force, ask, or beg , to go and offer their lives , so they may live in freedom and peace. Until then, all there is to say, is thank you all military and may god have mercy on you and place you where you so rightly belong, IN GODS ARMS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PamPrentiss View Post
    We are Pilots, Cryptologists, Support Personnel, Mothers, and Wives. We are Women Marines, working hard for freedom and the American Way.

    Semper Fi.
    Mame,you are our sisters,and we will never forget that.

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    Brothers, sisters, POG or Grunt. One Team, One Fight

    Semper Fi Marines.

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