Reserves to OCC: Advice Needed
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    Reserves to OCC: Advice Needed

    The Short of it is that I am looking to get to go to OCS.I'm maxing out my pft score at 100 points for the pull ups and crunches respectively, but my run time has a long way to go! For whatever reason I can't get down to the 24 minutes my OSO wants me to get to and its not because a lack of effort. He suggested that I go the reserve route for supply and when I'm done my run time should be well below the required 24 minutes. My question is similar to what someone else asked earlier. If I go the reserve route will my OSO be able to pluck me from the reserves and into OCC. My concern is that because I already have my degree and I am OCC, not PLC that it may be more difficult. The last thing I want is to end up a reservist in an MOS I don't want.

    My second question is can anyone tell me how many weeks the Supply &Admin basic course is at Lejune? The way it was broke down to me is the following.

    Parris Island 13 weeks
    Recruitment assitance or time off after boot: 2weeks
    MCT: 4 weeks
    Supply and Admin Basic: 3 weeks
    Total= 22 weeks and if I leave July 21st I will be back middle of Dec. to Leave for OCS Jan, 20th, 2009.

    Is this accurate?


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    You'll need to fill out your profile before anyone here helps you. Just a heads up.

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    Thanks for the heads up.

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    Ask your OSO if you would have a chance anyways as of now. Candidates have sent in packages with substandard PFTs (less than 1st class, 210s, low 220s), but have still been selected for PLC and OCC. It obviously depends on how the rest of your package weights in. (Compared to how people with 2.0 GPAs in college who are physically fit also get selected)

    As to whether PLC or OCC is harder comes down to at how you want to pursue the commission. Doing PLC (Not combined), you'll do 2 6-week increments. The advantage of this is the oppertunity for your body to recover between PLC increments. (Some candidates have talked about getting injured in the 5th week and sucking it up until the end. If they had to go all 10 weeks, some may have ended up NPQ'd.) The disadvantage lays in the fact that it's something that needs to be repeated, and there's a lot of oppertunity to turn nasty and out of shape in-between PLC increments.

    OCC is a single 10 week shot, which supposedly is more competitive to get into. It's longer than a single increment, but it's also the oppertunity to get commissioned in just one program.

    I know that doing the 92 day split option ensures that OCS takes precedence over reserve obligations, but I don't know about someone who already has their degree. I'd probably ask your OSO about it, and hopefully anyone you know or who has access to a reserve unit career planner.

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