where can i get the answers to MCI's
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    where can i get the answers to MCI's

    I have tried to do them my self, and had Marines help but they are still not finished.

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    The reference book that comes with them. Fill out your profile too please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by godog
    I have tried to do them my self, and had Marines help but they are still not finished.

    Are you serious? You must be doing Math for Marines. I remember that was one of the harder ones.

    I remember a few answers


    I know it isn't much help but I hope this gives you a few of the answers you are looking for.

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    i know i have looked in the book but they are not in there. i have had Marines help me and they all gave up.

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    Marine, Are you serious, what is the point of MCI's if you are just going to cheat. Marines like you who do Leadership for Marines and Financial Management.....and cheat on them, Are always the BROKE NJP'd Marines.

    Just do the MCI's and Get it over with

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    its not Leadership for Marines or Financial Management its Correspondence Procedures

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    Cheating is cheating.

    Apply yourself.

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    Why is a spouse looking for answers on MCI's?

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    What MCI is he taken? If it is to do with his MOS he should know the answer. If he is planing to advance in the Corps he needs to do the MCI's his self. You as a wife need to support him not do his work. Yes all the books that come with the MCI has the answers in them some time you have to use your grape.

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    I'm sorry but I'm not a marine and i did read the book its very confusing like i said i even had marines help me and they eventually gave up and I'm sorry but so have i so know i just wont the answers.

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    If your Marine would just study the MF booklet, the answers are in them.

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    There's always Google...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marine84
    Why is a spouse looking for answers on MCI's?

    Maybe she is a barracks bunny. I never had one do any MCI's for me but they shined my boots and pressed my cammies and they always gave happy endings. Genius having a barracks bunny do your MCI's....LOL

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    Wow thats freaking amazing. If you read the book like your supposed to you will learn everything you need to know on the test, **** most of that crap is easy as hell and you learn it over and over again threw out your enlistment you shouldn't even have to read the book. But if you must know all the answers are in the back of the book you just have to match them up correctly with the test because they are out of order. I was under the impression you were not allowed to do your MCI's with out a SNCO present, but guess its a little different now.

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    I always let my Marines take the test "Open Book". But they have to be in my presence when they do take it as I won't sign off on an answer sheet unless I see them taking the test. If I see in their MOL that they have completed an MCI that I did not sign off on I get the book out and quiz them to make sure they at least have some knowledge and didn't copy from someone else's answer sheet. This was running rampant in my old unit at one point.

    As was stated before, the answers are in the book. If you can not find the corresponding question/answer then you may just have to do it the "old fashioned way" and peruse through the pertinent section until you find the answer.

    I sat there on duty with my Cpl one night and completed 5 MCIs with him keeping an eye on me to make sure I didn't copy the answers from someone else's test sheet. They are not difficult to complete if you just apply yourself.

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