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    2841 Ground Commications and Crypto

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    0311 here yut

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    0151 Admin, yes I was an office pogue. Semper Fi

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    0352 - Missileman

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    2131 Arty Mech. Last class to work on SP Howitzers.

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    Here I go again, my MOS was 4011 Data Processing. Government payroll and troop movement. The only other bases were Camp Pendleton, they had huge computers also. Hawaii also had computers. If I had shipped over and stayed in the Corps, I would have had a chance at Hawaii. Oh well, I got married. Semper Fi Sheila Hays

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    5811 Military Police
    "Loved by few, Hated by many, Needed by all."

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    2171-optics tech

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    4421 Legal Services Specialist. Yep.

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    5959- Air Traffic Control Systems Maintenance Chief

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    Actually 5954 Air traffic control communications technician. Hard to remember sometimes

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    0311,and maybe that's wrong.I was a flame thrower operator.I guess a flame thrower guy could have a different M.O.S. number.Carrying a flame thrower on long marches sucked,but I have no regrets.I wonder what year the flame thrower went out of service.Probably about the time the Marine Corps issued patent leather shoes.That simply isn't right.What is there left to shine?

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    0161-postal clerk. Not a company mail clerk but working at the base post office at Camp Hansen, Okinawa. Might have handled some of that china for mom or the stereo equip. some of you grunts sent home on the way back from Nam. If any of it got broken it wasn't me man.

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